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Hospital Supply Inc Case Solution

Case 16-1 Hospital Supply, Inc. Accgt 835 Advanced Management Accounting Hospital Supply, Inc. is a company that produces hydraulic hoists to assist hospitals in moving patients that are bedridden. The normal volume of hydraulic hoists that Hospital Supply produces is 3,000 units per month. To produce the 3,000 units per month it costs Hospital Supply $3,500 to produce each hydraulic hoist with $2,455 allocated toward the manufacturing costs per unit and $1,045 allocated for marketing costs...

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Hospital Supply, Inc.

CASE 16-1: HOSPITAL SUPPLY, INC. Statement of the problem 1. How can Hospital Supply, Inc. maximize its profit given various scenarios? 2. Will it beneficial for the company if ever the accept federal government offer to supply 500 units of hydraulic hoists? 3. If ever company decide to enter on the foreign market, will the company benefited for it? 4. Is it acceptable and beneficial disposed their unsold inventory at a lower price? 5. Will they accept contractor’s offer to produce their...

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Hospital Supply, Inc.

------------------------------------------------- G R O U P C A S E 3: H O S P I T A L S U P P L Y, I N C Given Information: Hospital Supply, Inc.’s Normal Volume (in units per month) | 3,000 | Regular Selling Price (per unit) | 4,350 | Costs per Unit for Hydraulic Hoists |   |   | Unit Manufacturing Costs: |   |   | Variable Materials | 550 |   | Variable Labor | 825 |   | Variable Overhead | 420 |   | Fixed Overhead...

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should be rejected as it will reduce the income by $617,500.00. In this case, holding on to the existing customer returns more profit Question 4: What is the minimum unit price Hospital Supply should consider for this order of 1,000 units? Variable Cost Materials $550 Labor $825 Overhead $420 Shipping Cost $410 Ordering Cost ($22,000/1,000 unit) $22 Price $2,227/unit Minimum unit price Hospital Supply for 1,000 units will be at the price $2,227 per unit. Question 5:...

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16-1 Hospital Supply, Inc.

Contract Revenue | $1,420,000 | | | | | | | | | | | | | The government contract should not be undertaken as it would produce a net loss of ($617,500) in March. | | | | | | | | | | | 4) | The minimum unit price that Hospital Supply, Inc. should consider for 1,000 units to be sold for entry into foreign market, considering that the price needs to be below normal, and includes $410.00 in shipping costs per unit and a total contract cost of $22,000.00. | | | | | | |...

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Hospital Supply

CASE 16-1: HOSPITAL SUPPLY INC. I. BACKGROUND OF THE CASE Hospital Supply, Inc., a producer of hydraulic hoists used by hospitals to move bedridden patients operates at a normal level of 3,000 units per month. However, the company believes it can actually earn more profits by structuring its volume of production. II. PROBLEMS The company has the opportunity to: a. b. c. d. III. Increase the volume to maximize capacity Accept contracts to manufacture stated number of units Enter new markets;...

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Shouldice Hospital Case Solution

as compared to that of a typical hospital? A. The hospital focused on this new procedure for treatment of external types of abdominal hernias. Some differentiating features of the Shouldice process were the arranging of abdominal muscles into three distinct layers, reinforcing the abdominal wall with six rows of sutures and did not involve any insertion of screen and mesh under the skin. Beyond the surgical procedure, it was the service process of the hospital that differentiated it from others...

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Hospital Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain 1 I Care Healthcare Supply Chain Management By Jeffrey S. Moser Operations Management MGT 554 Professor Stephen Wernick October 12, 2004 Supply Chain 2 Supply Chain Management plays a vital role in our hospitals today. With the growing cost of healthcare and new technologies, it is vital for hospitals to run as efficiently as possible and without jeopardizing care. To the materials manager and to the financial minds of a hospital the area of supply chain is a tedius task...

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Hospital case

in some cases the GP will refer the patient to the hospital. In the hospital the person will be examined by a doctor and maybe there’s a surgery. After the surgery he needs to go to the local pharmacist for his medicines. The pharmacist sends him a bill. The payment of this bill will be arranged between the patient and the health insurer. 5. Four external factors that influence the costs of the hospital are: If the government doesn’t invest in the healthcare, If the prices for supplies rise, ...

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Case Solution Ribbon's an Bows, Inc.

Case 1-1: Ribbons an’ Bows, Inc. Note: This case is unchanged from the Twelfth Edition. Approach This is an introductory case and it should be taught as an introductory case. There will be plenty of time in the course for the students to learn the correct form of financial statements and details of accounting standards. In short, the instructor should be prepared to allow a variety of formats for the financial statements and tolerate some “not quite correct” accounting. The instructor...

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Hospital Supply Inc

Hospital Supply, Inc. needs to sell 1,882 units to break even and make $8,186,700 to break even in sales dollars. Hospital Supply, Inc. should not sell units at lower prices, $3,850 compared to $4,350, even though 500 more units will be sold. Although revenues increase by 425,000 due to the variable costs increasing, there is a smaller contribution margin. Because there is a $610,000 drop in contribution margin, net income is lowered from $2,550,000 to $1,940,000. Hospital Supply, Inc. should...

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Outsourcing at Office Supply Inc. Case

INTRODUCTION Office Supply Incorporated (OSI) is a company in crisis, with challenges in its cost structure and poor IT performance. Outsourcing to Technology Infrastructure Solutions (TIS) is an opportunity to both reduce costs and complexity for the firm, but first must consider whether outsourcing is a good strategic fit for OSI. Outsourcing is known as the practice of turning over responsibility of some or all of organizations information systems to a foreign firm in order to stay competitive...

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Hospital Supply Case Study

Question 4 12 Question 5 13 Question 6 14 Question 7 16 V. CONCLUSION 18 Bibliography 19 INTRODUCTION The case is about manufacturing company, Hospital Supply, Inc., that produced hydraulic hoists for the local market. The hydraulic hoist is useful to the hospital for moving bedridden patients. Most of sales made to local hospitals. Significant to activity of sales and production of hydraulic hoist, there are costs incurred due to the consumption of resources. Presented...

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Hospital Software Solutions Case Analysis

can assess the patients’ symptoms and help them decide the best first step. The nurse can help the patient decide whether they can take care of themselves, make an appointment with a doctor, go to a clinic, contact a community service or go to a hospital emergency room. When the patient calls, he or she is asked to describe the symptoms and answer questions to best assess the seriousness of the problem. Based on the assessment, the Registered Nurse can either advise the best possible mode of treatment...

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Case 16-1 Hospital Supply Inc.

Case 16-1: Hospital Supply, Inc. Question 1: Total fixed costs (TFC) = fixed costs per unit times normal volume =($660 + $770)*3,000 = $4,290,000. Contribution margin per unit = unit price minus unit variable costs = $4,350 - $2,070 = $2,280. $4,290,000 Break - even volume = ------------------ = 1,882 units $2,280 Break - even sales =1,882 units x $4,350 = $8,186,700 Question 2: Effects on monthly shares, costs and income. [pic] ...

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Hospital Supply Case

Hospital Supply Inc.: A quantitative analysis I. Introduction: Hospital Supply,Inc.,produced hydraulic hoists that were used by hospitals to move bedridden patients. The costs of manufacturing and marketing hydraulic hoists at the company’s normal volume of 3,000 units per month are shown in Exhibit 1. EXHIBIT 1: Cost per unit for hydraulic hoists Unit manufacturing costs: Variable materials $550 Variable labor 825 Variable overhead 420 ...

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Hitachi Case Study for Supply Chain

UPS Supply Chain Solutions SM case study Hitachi Hitachi GST Streamlines Global Distribution Network Hitachi, Ltd. is a leading global electronics company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In 2003, the company founded Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (GST) by combining its storage technology business with IBM’s Storage Technology Division (STD). As the two businesses merged, Hitachi GST chose UPS Supply Chain Solutions to implement a global distribution system. Global Storage Technologies ...

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E-Supply Chain Problems and Solutions

4 2.1 Introduction to e-Supply Chain 4 2.2 Problems of e-Supply Chain 5 2.3 Solutions to e-Supply Chain problems using technology 7 3. Conclusion 9 4. References / Bibliography 10 1. Introduction The use of effective and efficient supply chain has its advantages. However, in order to deploy an effective and efficient supply chain, it is necessary to coordinate the flow of material, information and financial details among all the parties involved in the supply chain. The coordination...

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A case study on outsourcing of hospitals

 A case study on Outsourcing of Hospitals Submitted by: Sadikchya Acharya MBA III(R) KINGS College MGT 620 Operations Management & Supply Chain International American University Introduction There are numerous strategies which are used to design to gain operation excellence and to gain competitive advantage through price cut and minimizing other operations cost also adding product value is one of them. Outsourcing can also be the process or people and supply chain that gives and addition...

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St. Marys Hospital Case

St. Mary’s Hospital Case Solution 1) Upon the story presented, necessary actions should be taken to overcome the hospital’s problems. St. Mary’s Hospital last year’s numbers showed the necessity of such actions. For the first time, since the hospital started operating, they presented deficit on its revenue. St. Mary’s hospital had some major problems in a few departments. During the last few years, the occupancy, or the number of patients in the hospital, has been declining. Such problem is explained...

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Augustine's Medical Case Analysis

AUGUSTINE MEDICAL, INC. CASE ANALYSIS THE BAIR HUGGER PATIENT WARMING SYSTEM I. Factual Summary: * The United States does not currently have an established warm-air technology blanket market. * The Bair Hugger Patient Warming System product is not a consumer device. The main users of this product consist of businesses and hospitals. * Hospitals will always be provided funding necessary to prevent hypothermia and other diseases; as a result a demand will consistently be common...

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Business Administration Hospital Case

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITAL CASE    Names & student numbers  Marit de Hoog   Peter Kock // 1665849  Rolf van Moergastel // 1563838    Class  IB­09                                                                  1  1. Modeling process.  Model the described process with the activities in the care chain. Draw only the  process of the hospital and describe how the process is linked with the  pharmacist, the GP and the health insurance.  Specify in the process diagram of the hospital the sub­processes...

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Lincoln Hospital Case Study

Management 594 Case Two Table of Contents Page Lincoln Hospital Case Study Introduction 3 Contracting and Diagnosis Stages 5 Third-Party or Other Types of Intervention 6 Third-Party Effectivity and Next Steps 7 References 8 Lincoln Hospital Case Study Introduction This case describes a crisis situation that unfolds at the Lincoln Hospital, a 400-bed for-profit facility. At the root of the crisis is a dysfunctional relationship...

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Case Solution

The branch manager is told by his assistant that the solution you have found in part (b) could be expensive, as hiring a teller costs 50,000 Euros a year. The assistant proposes an alternate solution, which he had learned of in college, called “pooling”. He proposes that tellers can be cross-trained to take all different kinds of applications, but that would involve a training cost of 20,000 Euros per teller per year. This pooling solution would also ensure that credit and loan applications take...

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Supply Mgmt Case Studies

Case Study #1 - Sunspot, Inc 1. What are the most likely benefits of forming strategic supply alliances with Sunspot’s key suppliers? A strategic alliance between Sunspot and its key suppliers will result in a relationship based on trust. It’s key for both parties to develop and manage this “institutional” trust or the alliance will fail. Trust will facilitate communication which will lead to less errors and higher quality, faster development times, and lower costs. Synergies created by...

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Case Study: Avion, Inc.

 1. What parts of the supply chain are most closely involved with the situation in this case? What is the responsibility of each part in order to maintain a smooth flow of material? It is no doubt that the ultimate problem rising in the case is miscommunication. Communication is utmost vital for both parties – purchasers and suppliers- to interact effectively, hence, to conduct business smoothly. On the other hand, it is also a lack of competency of Avion, Inc.’s procurement managers as they...

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The Unhealthy Hospital Case Study

service and the results possible from a hospital and on the other hand the stakeholders look for the best possible profit they can gain from the business. This is the point where a competent hospital or a healthcare manager comes into picture. In this case the healthcare set up is going through a rough stage where in an increasing cost of healthcare facilities like the equipments, pharmacies etc is indirectly affecting on the quality of care provided in the hospital which is ultimately bringing down the...

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Operations Management Case Solutions

Case chapter 10: Wolf Motors. 1: What recommendations would you make to John Wolf with respect to structuring the supplier relationship process for the Wolf Motors dealership network? Recommendations for Wolf Motors in order to be able to structure their supplier relationship process are: ❖ They should consider a centralized materials management system to study, calculate and make the decisions on what will be bought for each of the 4 dealerships instead of allowing each dealer to...

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Supply Chain Management Solution for Hindustan Unilever : Case Study

Supply Chain Management Solution for Hindustan Unilever : Case Study Existing Situation With nearly 1000 products, HLL distributes them nationally through a network of four warehouses, more than 40 agents, 7,500 wholesalers and a number of large institutional customers. HLL, in its endeavor to move from the existing push-based planning system to a pull-based system, wanted to build a Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution that would ensure informed decisions are made during procurement, manufacturing...

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Hospital Glove Supply Chain Proposal

Hospital Glove Supply Chain Proposal Sal Cusumano, Health Care Operations Management OPS/HC 571 January 17, 2011 Professor Jeff Wells Abstract Team A Hospital has been a successful hospital in San Francisco, California for a number of years. The hospital has often been at the cutting edge of exciting and new technology but as with many other organizations the downturn in the economy has affected the hospital’s bottom line. The CEO of Team A Hospital is looking for any way possible...

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Service Management Case Study: Boomer Consulting, Inc.

 Joe Dowell Service Management Dr. Ronnie Holmes Case Study: Boomer Consulting, Inc. Introduction Case 9.1 involves Boomer Consulting Inc. beginning with the early years when the organization, as a division, was a small regional CPA firm of Varney & Associates headed by a single partner, L Gary Boomer. As time went by, and the division’s revenue grew Varney & Associates separated the consulting and accounting practice, creating a wholly owned subsidiary, which continued to be headed...

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Dell Case on Supply Chain

ILLUSTRATIVE REAL WORLD CASES REAL WORLD CASE 1: HOW DELL IS MANAGING ITS SUPPLY CHAIN http://wps.prenhall.com/wps/media/objects/2519/2580469/images/Realworldcase1.html The Problem Michael Dell started his business as a student from his university dorm by using a mail-order approach to selling PCs. This changed the manner in which PCs were sold. The customer did not have to come to a store to buy a computer, and Dell was able to customize the computer to the specifications of the customer. The...

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ABC Inc Case Study Analysis

 ABC Inc. Case Study Analysis John Doe COMM/215 April 16, 2013 Joan Doe ABC Inc. Case Study Analysis Although ABC Inc. employees should know how to do their jobs, a company standard work procedure, otherwise known as a standard operating procedure, document should be written. Employees need step by step guidance on how to accomplish specific tasks and departments need to know what they are responsible for on a regular basis. New employees, in particular, need to know what is expected...

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Operations Management - Case Study - Custom Fabricators Inc

Introduction This paper analyzes and examines the case article entitled “Custom Fabricators, Inc. – From Lean Manufacturing to Contract Manufacturer. It aims to identify the business challenges faced by Custom Fabricators, being led by Ben Lawson, and the solutions or strategies that can be implemented to maintain and enhance its position in Orleans Elevator’s business supply chain. Custom Fabricators Inc. Challenge: Orleans Elevators Materials Outsourcing The main business challenge...

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ABC, Inc. Case Study

ABC, Inc. Case Study Charles Ramsey Comm/215 Sept. 29, 2014 Margaret Mehl ABC, Inc. Case Study Introduction Hiring 15 new employees in early April as part of his first recruitment effort, Carl Robins is the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. Hired to work for Monica Carrolls, Operations Supervisor, these new potential employees require training on company policy, being oriented to the organization, and screened for drugs. Carl himself is behind on their training, has not completed all the...

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Apple Inc. Case Study

PowerPoint Outline, sorry we didn't actually write a paper, should still be of some help though. Apple, Inc. Case Study BUSI 400-003 September 24, 2008 Dominant Economic Characteristics Large Market Size Steady Growth Rate Number of rivals is constant/low Scope of competitive rivalry is intense Low differentiation of products Product innovation is key in competition No surplus of supply as it relates to demand Pace of technological change is high Competition Analysis Collective Strength...

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Supply Chain Management in Hospital: a Case

Supply Chain Management in Hospital: A Case Study Samuel Toba • Mary Tomasini • Y. Helio Yang San Diego State University, San Diego, CA It is a common misunderstanding that hospital purchasing is just a functional part of operations rather than a strategic means to achieve financial cost savings. The supply chain process is the essential link for all programs and services offered by a hospital, and hence any improvement in managing the supply chain can positively impact bottom line profitability...

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Case Study for Abc Inc.

Case Study for ABC Inc.” Christopher R. Boeer 17 July, 2012 COMM/215: ESSENTIALS OF COLLEGE WRITING A. Introduction Carl Robbins is found to have been derelict in his duties to ABC Inc., and has been unable to fix the problems that has been created due to his dereliction of duties assigned to him by Monica Carrols. The outcome of this case report should be his immediate removal from the posting assigned and new dates issued to all of the people he recruited for the previously mentioned company...

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Sunspot Inc Case Study

Case Study # 1 – Sunspot Inc. 1. What are the most likely benefits of forming strategic supply alliances with Sunspot’s key suppliers? I believe that it is important to realize that a strategic alliance or partnership is solely depended on trust and faith in the relationship between all involved in simultaneous stages should not change or use those stages for their own advantage without consideration of the organization involved. Some of the advantages would be: - Developing competences and learning...

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Peel Memorial Hospital Case Analysis

The Balanced Scorecard Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital | Case Analysis | | Thomas N. Bailey | 2/15/2011 | Kaplan University GB520 Term 1101D Unit 4 Introduction Prior to the 1990s, generous government funding allowed Canadian health care facilities to provide excellent service and quality. In the early 1990s, increasing health care costs have changed government funding, requiring providers to be more financially accountable. In the mid-1990s, hospitals and regional health authorities...

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Growth Enterprises Inc Case

CaSE StudY Illinois Growth Enterprises CodiNg SolutioN YiEldS growth Nonprofit co-packer increases business with help from intuitive printer Co-packers provide supplemental personnel, production space and project management for manufacturers that need expert help for quick-turnaround projects, short runs or overflow packaging projects. This expertise may include having access to special equipment or experience with a new packaging application or challenge. Illinois Growth Enterprises, Inc. (IGE)...

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Case Study on Toyota Motor Manufacturing U S a Inc

Aamir 1. Case Study On Toyota Motor Manufacturing U S A Inc Free Essays 1 - 20 5 Jun 2007 ... Toyota Motor Manufacturing: , USA, Inc Case Analysis * Main and sub ideas of the case. The main topic of the case was the problems caused by ... www.oppapers.com/subjects/case-study-... - Cached - Similar 2. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Case Free Essays 1 - 20 Toyota Motor Manufacturing: , USA, Inc Case Analysis * Main and sub ideas of ... www.oppapers.com/subjects/toyota-moto... - Cached - Similar ...

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Case Study Apple Inc.

at the liquidity ratios we see both ratios were well above the industry average which shows Apple Inc. has no problem meeting its short-term obligations. Capital Structure: Apple Inc. did not have any long-term debt obligations for the periods 2003-2007. The company did not use any financial leverage to raise funds during the period of analysis. This shows the financial independence of Apple Inc. during the years of our analysis. Profitability: As of 2007, Apple’s profit margin (33.97%)...

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Case Study Solution: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 1) Please describe the sources of Wal-Mart's Competitive Advantage in discount retailing! The global player Wal-Mart operates in 14 different markets all around the world, serving 176 million customers every week. Today, the second biggest company of the world, concerning turnover which amounts to 312,427 million US-$, categorizes its operational facilities into five divisions. Among those divisions are the Wal-Mart discount stores, offering convenience and low-priced...

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Merck & Co., Inc. Case

Merck & Co., Inc. Case If one hold a key to resolve a very serious problem, one has a responsibility to put an effort to make it happen, at least try one’s best. In this case, river blindness disease was a very serious problem, and Dr. Vagelos was the one who could make a decision as to whether the research and development of a human version of ivermectin should be carried on, then it was his responsibility to pursue it. Caused by a parasitic worm carried by a tiny black fly, the disease...

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Ten Steps to Preventing Infection in Hospitals

Ten Steps to Preventing Infection in Hospitals Too many patients get sick in the very places that are supposed to heal them. The facts are frightening: As many as one in 10 patients hospitalized in the U.S. will come down with an infection—often due to the very care that is supposed to be restoring health. These infections afflict nearly two million patients a year, cause close to 100,000 deaths and cost up to $6.5 billion.But they are not inevitable. Here are 10 ways to prevent infection in...

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Solutions Plus Case Problem

Case Study Analysis: Abstract This analysis examines freight cost and cleaning fluid supplies at two locations; Cincinnati and Oakland, to determine the optimal distribution network to supply the cleaning fluid to Great North American at minimal cost to Solutions Plus. Based on projected cost a bid recommendation is made and decision factors related to the analysis are discussed. Keywords: Solutions Plus, Cost minimization, Breakeven, Bid, Shipping Cost Background Solutions Plus is an...

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Supply and Demand of Registed Nurses

Supply and Demand of Registered Nurses In the early 1950s, a becoming a nurse was considered to be more voluntary than vocational. Nurses would make the beds, smile in the faces of the patients and check temperatures. This is not the case today, they play a major role in our health care and we should no longer take them for granted. Registered Nurses are the largest group of health care professionals in the United States and there is a massive shortage nationwide, especially in Texas. In 2006 Texas...

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Case Solutions

Q1. Based on the data in case Exhibit I, what inferences can be drawn from the survey responses regarding the herbal shampoo category? As per Exhibit 1 the following inferences can be drawn from the survey regarding herbal shampoo category: * The respondents felt that herbal shampoos need to be used in large quantity for lather and that the protein content is important for making hair strong, shiny and soft. * Respondents chose their shampoo based on their hair type and texture. * They feel that...

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Cbi Case Solution

CBI Holding Company, Inc. Case Solution I. Summary A CBI Holding Company was a New-York based parent company for several wholly-owned subsidiaries. These marketed an extensive line of pharmaceutical products that were purchased from drug manufactures, warehoused in storage facilities and then resold to retail pharmacies, hospitals long-term care facilities and related entities. CBI’s chairman and president Robert Castello was the seat of the CBI‘s troubles and principal implementer of...

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Avion Case

What parts of the supply chain are most closely involved with the situation in this case? What is the responsibility of each part in order to maintain a smooth flow of material? They are Foster Technologies as the supplier, and Avion, Inc. as the buyer. To maintain a smooth flow of material, it is the supplier’s responsibility to comply with the buyer’s requirements and standards, and provide the correct quality and quantity of product and service in a timely manner. On the buyer’s end, responsibilities...

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Owens and Minor Inc. History

 Capstone Case Analysis (Owen & Minor, Inc. Company History) Name: Samuel Ansah Westwood College Instructor: Professor Ali Alavi Course: Management Capstone Date: March 31st, 2014 Owens and Minor Inc. History Owens & Minor Inc. is distributor of surgical and medical supplies to hospitals and other health care facilities. Owens & Minor Inc. (O&M) was founded by George Gilmer Minor Jr., a wholesale drug salesman from Richmond Virginia in 1882. The name Owens...

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Blade Inc Case

Overview Blades, Inc., is a USA based company that has been in corporate in the United States for three years. Blade relatively is a small Company, with total assets of only $200 million. The company produces only a single type of roller blade. Ben Holt the CFO of the Blades Inc. Financial Information Total assets of was only $200 million and first year net income of $3.5 million. Return on asset is 7%. It stock price has fallen from high of $20 per share three years ago to $12...

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Case Analysis on Dell, Inc.

PART I: INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND SUMMARY My name is Natasha Mortimore and I have provided a detailed case analysis based upon “Dell, Inc. in 2006: Can Rivals Beat its Strategy?” In 1984, Michael Dell formed a company now known as dell, Inc. with a strategy to sell build-to-order computers directly to its customers. Customers would have to phone, fax, or order their custom built computers which eliminated the expense of middlemen known as resellers. Between the years of 1986-1993, Dell had to...

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Nike Inc. Case Study

Nike, Inc. : Case Study in Operations Management MGT 441 Prepared for: Dr. Davidson, Concord University Prepared by: Jeremiah Nelson Johnathan Coleman Emily O’Dell December 4th, 2012 Introduction Low-cost, time-efficient manufacturing of goods is a key feature of a successful production company in today’s competitive global economy. Operations management, often abbreviated in the business world as OM, is defined as “...the set of activities that creates value in the form of goods...

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Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management: Case Analysis of Apple Inc.

 SCM Case Analysis: Apple, Inc. Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management Capella University April 23, 2014 Apple is one of the most widely known companies in the world. They started as a computer company in 1976. Apple is now a Fortune 500 company and have been voted as having the best supply chain for the past several years by the IT research team Gartner. Many factors make them number one. Apple was not always the supply chain kings. A smart firm recognizes their...

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Sunflower Incorporated Case Study Solutions

Sunflower Incorporated case study Overview: Sunflower Inc. is a large distribution company with over 5000 employees that functions as a bureaucracy, which needs to formalize its pricing and purchasing practices. The company purchases and distributes snack foods to retail stores across North America. Sunflower has one corporate office and the company is divided into twenty-two regions. Each region operates as an autonomous small business, which consists of its own leadership. characterized...

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Taracare Inc case study

Case study 1 Taracare, Inc Summary The case is about a conversation between Jorge Gonzales, the CEO from Taracare Inc., and his manufacturing manager Alfredo Diaz. Alfredo was hired because Taracare was having difficulties in meeting the deliveries and in quality. After some time and only making little progress, Alfred scheduled a meeting with Jorge to discuss the problems. The main points Alfredo concerns was: Problems with Purchasing materials Delivery promises from the sales that...

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Case Review of Vandelay Industries, Inc.

Case Review of Vandelay Industries, Inc. Table of Contents I. Problem Statement 1 II. Background Information and Introduction of the Case 2 III. Summary of Findings 2 IV. Analysis of Alternatives 3 V. Detailed Recommendations 5 Case Review of Vandelay Industries, Inc. Problem Statement Vandelay Industries, a global, multi-billion dollar corporation that manufactured industrial rubber and latex process equipment, was being ran on out-dated, fragmented, manufacturing...

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Singapore Inc Case

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew laid a foundation that circled around the importance of education, strong work-ethic and discipline. This focus was highlighted in three main pillars of efficient government, economic stability and a strong workforce in this case. Efficient Government – Having an efficient government not only made Singapore attractive to foreign investments but it also ensured Singapore was adaptable and able to build the infrastructure and institutions required for a healthy economy. The...

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