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13567620A Leung Kit Ho, Bosco 13564680A Lau Ka Po, BoBo Research Plan Research Area: What are the economic/business factors leading the booming growth of private tutorial centres in Hong Kong? Research Direction: - To investigate the factors leading to the booming growth of private tutorial centre in Hong Kong, including standard of living, promotion methods, and the reasons why students attending tutorial class. - To conduct questionnaires research to collect response from students who...

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Hong Kong Landfill Problem

lifestyle of Hong Kong citizens, the 4 major landfills in Hong Kong are going to be saturated. From the government’s words, these landfills will be fully saturated before late 2010s. The situation is getting worse in these years, as people have no improvement in their consumption style. They are not aware of their responsibility on reducing waste. Also, people cannot develop the routine on recycling, and send much unnecessary rubbish to the landfill. With the rare land resources in Hong Kong, we cannot...

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Hong Kong Kids

phenomenon of Hong Kong Kids I The Phenomenon of Hong Kong Kids THE PHENOMENON OF HONG KONG KIDS II Abstract In recent years, children who born after 1990s are labeled “Hong Kong kids”. The comments towards “Hong Kong kids” are mostly negative. This paper is aimed to discover “Hong Kong kids” characteristic, and the cause of this phenomenon. Throughout examining “Hong Kong kids”, it can...

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Country report Hong Kong

 1. Introduction Hong Kong, with only 1100 ㎢ land, is regarded as the one of the most success country in global market. Although, to be exact, Hong Kong is the special administrative regions of China and isn’t independent country, because of the agreement ratified when Hong Kong was returned from U.K in 1998, Hong Kong is given high autonomy from mainland china by owning individual law system and, then, is seems as the virtually independent country in international business and economics; many...

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Obesity in Hong Kong

Obesity in Hong Kong Introduction The problem of obesity in Hong Kong is a significant issue that the community as a whole is trying to arouse public awareness to it. According to the statistics provided by a research done by the Hong Kong Department of Health, the estimated percentage of overweight and obese of the whole population in Hong Kong are 17.8% and 21.2% respectively(Hong Kong Department of Health 2009). This report will elaborate more on the reasons for obesity and the suggest preventive...

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Hong Kong Culture

Submission Date: 21 March 2013 Based on the Hong Kong’s cultural traits of Geert Hofstede’s research, Hong Kong has high level of power distance index, medium level of masculinity, low level of uncertainty avoidance index and low level of individualism. I partly agree with the results. I only agree the first three of cultural traits of Hong Kong and I think Hong Kong is more likely to be medium level of individualism. About the power distance index, Hong Kong has high level result is quite proper....

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Ecotourism in Hong Kong

The image of Hong Kong is well known as “shopper’s paradise” and “Pearl of the Orient”. Further, according to the International Market Research Study, it shows that the lack of new appeals in Hong Kong is a significant reason for it not being considered as a vacation destination. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the appeals of Hong Kong. Why not use our existing natural resources as tourist attractions? To maintain the competitiveness, Hong Kong should build up its own unique and special character...

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Obesity in Hong Kong

 Report on Obesity in Hong Kong 1. Introduction We are now living in an economically prosperous society and enjoying much higher living standards than ever before. However, while we benefit from these nice conditions, there are also some arising concerns. One of these problems is obesity, which has a variety of causes, but is likely related to our new way of life. This report is going to focus on the obesity problem in Hong Kong, and will discuss four possible causes and offer reasonable solutions...

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Nursing Issues in Hong Kong

Editor Nursing Issues in Hong Kong Steven L. Baumann, RN; PhD Associate Professor, Hunter College of the City University of New York, New York Changes in nursing in Hong Kong over the past decade have had more to do with the changes in the world and the region’s economy and population than the changes instituted by the Republic of China. Hong Kong’s nearly 7 million people’s health is, like in other places, threatened by a shortage of skilled and experienced nurses. Hong Kong’s three major university-based...

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Minimum Wage in Hong Kong

LEE HAN SEONG (Bill) 2010555699 Potential advantages of the minimum wage law in Hong Kong Implementation of a reasonable amount of minimum wage is necessary for the current situation in Hong Kong. Minimum wage law prohibits workers or employees hired for less than a given hourly, daily or monthly minimum wage (Filion, 2009). Hong Kong is facing a difficulty of wealth gap. Although Hong Kong has a great reputation of the financial hub and one of the most affluent cities, its wealth gap is the...

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Singapore and Hong Kong rivalry

high-flying rivalry Hong Kong may still be the dominant regional banking centre but Singapore is an ever more favoured location. When Thomas McMahon and his Indian backers were deciding where to locate an Asian commodities exchange, they turned initially to Hong Kong – attracted by its proximity to China and the mainland’s booming, commodity-hungry economy. Three years later, the exchange, a subsidiary of India’s Financial Technologies group is about to open – not in Hong Kong but nearly four hours...

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Milestones in China and Hong Kong

Milestones in Hong Kong and China |Year | |Development | | | | | |1993 | |Officially incorporated in Hong Kong. Received nonprofit status from Hong Kong’s Internal Revenue Department. | | | | ...

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Hong Kong colonisation

preliminary arrangements", which included the cession of Hong Kong Island and its harbour to the British Crown. On 26 January, the Union Flag was raised on Hong Kong, and Commodore James Bremer, commander-in-chief of the British forces in China, took formal possession of the island at Possession Point. Elliot chose Hong Kong instead of Chusan because he believed a settlement further east would cause an "indefinite protraction of hostilities", whereas Hong Kong's harbour was a valuable base for the British...

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The ‘Hong Kong Kids’ Phenomenon

The ‘Hong Kong Kids’ Phenomenon In recent years it is common to see Hong Kong children accompanied by their domestic helpers everywhere. Some of them just shout at their helpers asking for help in tying their shoelaces and some just open their mouths to wait for spoonfuls of food like little birds in a nest. They have reached the age with the abilities to take care of themselves but they do not do so. As this problem becomes increasingly general, it is important to explore its different causes so...

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Oasis Hong Kong Airline

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines: The First Long Haul, Low Cost Airliner in Asia Team A Scott Burgoyne, Marvin Cook, Randy Collins, Amanda Baldwin, Jason Odle and Cynthia Hicks-Leeper Everest College On-line Business Policy and Strategy MAN 4764-1001 Instructor Monya Ashe February 11, 2012 Introduction Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was founded in February 2005 by Rev. Raymond C. Lee, and his wife, Priscilla H. Lee had they survived; this month would have marked their seven year anniversary. Unfortunately...

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Hong Kong Popular Music

Da Yuan Instructor: Nicholaus Meyers MUSC 100: Music Appreciation 11th November, 2012 The Popular Music in Hong Kong When talk about the popular music we know the 1960s was the golden age of world's popular music, and also the rock and roll. Hong Kong also followed the world’s step. The Hong Kong music was full of happy and freedom atmosphere since Hong Kong economic started to fly at that time. Young people began to contact the western trend. Radio became the main channel of music. The...

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Is Hong Kong Still a Shoppers’ Paradise?

Is Hong Kong still a shoppers’ paradise? In the past decade, Hong Kong has been well known for its duty free and wide range of goods, it allows people from the world have a fantastic shopping experience. However, more news reporting the negative images of Hong Kong tourism which adversely affects the image of “shoppers’ paradise”, are arisen. While numerous tourists can be seen in tourist spots in Hong Kong, some contend that they no longer choose Hong Kong as a travel destination. This paper...

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Swot of Hft in Hong Kong

Background Established in 1986,“Hung Fook Tong” is one of the famous manufacturers and retailers of traditional herbal tea in Hong Kong which has over 70 retail shops with more than 700 staff members, self-invested factories in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and a sales network with extensive coverage. Mainly it serves customers with various kinds of Herbal Tea, Herbal soups, other non-herbal beverages, and snack (like dim-sums and sausages) on a price range of $8-$250. HFT also set up point of sales...

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The Tourism Industry in Hong Kong

The Tourism industry is an important industry in Hong Kong. Inbound and outbound tourism is the major income of Hong Kong. According to the result from the Tourism Commission, in 2011, Hong Kong received a record-high of 42 million visitors from around the world, a remarkable increase of 16.4% over 2010. It is also the first time that the number of arrivals surpassed the 40 million mark. The appreciation of most major currencies against Hong Kong dollar and the improving travel sentiment have fueled...

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Insider Dealing in Hong Kong

Insider dealing in Hong Kong Although insider dealing has been a criminal offence under section 291 of Chapter 571, Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO) in Hong Kong since 2003, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) was initially slow to prosecute offenders, commencing its first criminal insider dealing prosecution only in January 2008. Factors to be considered to commence criminal proceedings In deciding whether to commence criminal proceedings against an alleged insider dealer...

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Vacations of Hong Kong People

VACATIONS OF HONG KONG PEOPLE Hong Kong people love spending their vacations in a different city or country and they love experiencing others cultures. In early years, Hong Kong people travelled around through travel agencies; nowadays, they plan the trip and schedule by themselves because they would like to have a more flexible and special vacation. They do not only choose the places which they have not been to, but sometimes they will re-visit the places that they like the most and have a relaxing...

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Air Pollution in Hong Kong - Essay

Air Pollution in Hong Kong In recent years, air pollution has become one of the top concerns of Hong Kong’s, which led to the rise of various environmentally friendly campaigns such as Action Blue Sky and Clean Air Charter brought forth by the government. However, it is still not uncommon to find the internationally well-known Victoria Harbour being veiled in a cloud of gloomy air with many skyscrapers barely visible at times. What is worrying is that the aforementioned measures seem to be ineffective...

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Hong Kong Disneyland

1. How would you value the Hong Kong Disneyland project from the perspective of Walt Disney? The valuation of Hong Kong Disneyland from the perspective of Walt Disney is done by taking the following assumptions: Cost of Capital = 9.52% Cost of Government Debt = 8.19% Cost of Commercial Bank Debt = 11.36% Cost of Equity = 12.3% (10 year average) Inflation = 7.31% (10 year average) Gross margin = 37% Operating Cost = 22% Variable Management Fee = 5% With the above assumptions the FCF...

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Parody In Hong Kong

1.1 Parody in Hong Kong Definition http://robsonhall.ca/mlj/images/Articles/33v2/reynolds.pdf Parody, a term derived from the Greek word”parodia”, has an ancient heritage. Later Greek and Roman writers used the term parody to refer to a more widespread practice of quotation, not necessarily humorous, in which both writers and speakers introduce allusions to previous texts. The “popular perception of parody and the standard dictionary definition” conceives of parody as a “specific work of humorous...

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Starbucks Coffee Company (Hong Kong)

Starbucks Coffee Company (Hong Kong) Background: Starbucks Coffee Company (Hong Kong) was established in May 2000. They opened the first store in Central's Exchange Square. By May 2008, Starbucks has opened more than 100 branches across Hong Kong commercial, shopping & entertainment and residential areas. Why did we choose this brand? The brand name of “Starbucks” becomes very well-known in Hong Kong. According to the article of Hong Kong Coffee Culture Exchange Association ( http://hkccea...

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Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory and Hong Kong

education of Hong Kong is to get good grades in public exams, as they provide more opportunity towards success. This results in schools focusing on instructing knowledge to students like feeding chickens in a farm and doesn’t really care whether the students understand the knowledge instructed or not. This exam-oriented style of education ignores the students’ development as a whole, and generates many graduates with good grades in school and struggled in workplace. The old educational style of Hong Kong...

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Hong Kong Protest

Hong Kong Protest 1. Introduction ‘International relations’ is often short for IR, and it has various definitions by different people. Some people define it as the diplomatic- strategic relations of states and the characteristic focus of international relation is on issues of peace and war, cooperation and conflict. While some scholars see it as about cross-border transactions of all economic, kinds, social and political, and international relation is more likely to study the operation of non-state...

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Zero Charge Tour in Hong Kong

Introduction In the recent years, the tourism industry of Hong Kong has been suffering from a severe negative impact due to a scandal that occurred within the industry. The Zero Charge Tour literally indicates tour without payment of fee by the tourist, whereas, it is not precise to interpret the Zero Charge Tour in this way. The Zero Charge Tour means the kind of tour that requires the tourist to pay incredibly low fee. Distinguished from the traditional group tour, it appears to be more economic...

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Hong Kong Disney

financing. Then I will provide an analysis of the main pros and cons for Chase in connection with the deal. Lastly I will show how both affected the pricing as well as the execution of the deal. In order to build the new Disneyland in Hong Kong a new non-recourse object, Hong Kong International Theme Parks Ltd (HKITP) was formed. While the owners supported the project with substantial amounts of equity Disney and Government as well as with subordinated debt Government, Disney had significant requirements...

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British Chinese Relations and Hong Kong

Chinese Diplomacy British Chinese Relations Following the transfer of Hong Kong from the British effectively ended many remnants of British imperialism in China, and in the process ended much of Britain’s involvement/power in Asia. The turnover has also given China control over one of the world’s leading financial institutions, thus improving not only its economic standing but also its ability to use soft power. The opposite could be said for the effects on the United Kingdom, where the turnover...

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Pdpo in Hong Kong

collected, accessed and transferred. It is important to safeguard the usage and collection of personal data as the business and technologies have been changing over time. In Hong Kong, Article 30 of the Basic Law states that ‘the freedom and privacy of communication of Hong Kong residents shall be protected by law.’ Furthermore, the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap 486) (PDPO) is the essential law that protects the privacy of the individuals regarding to personal data. It was enacted in 1995...

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Types of Communication in Hong Kong

Nonverbal communication in Hong Kong Business Sirikul Pasek Js.pasek@cityu.edu MBA501 – Global Business Com. Judith Wurster Persuasive May 28th, 2013 Position Statement: Nonverbal communication is significant key to succeed in negotiation with Hong Kong businessmen. Introduction: Hong Kong is one of the biggest market hub for business investment in Asia. It blends between two cultures: English and Chinese. Due to its long period...

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Hong Kong Disney Case

Unit 2 Case Study: Hong Kong Disneyland Margaret Taylor MGT 614: Global and Transnational Management Dr. Laura Mays Tiffin University May 26th, 2013 UNIT 2 CASE STUDY 1 Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze the management strategies of Hong Kong Disneyland ,and the issues that have arisen. Hong Kong an amusement park built by the Disney Corporation and the Hong Kong government and opened in September...

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hong kong business culture

Hongkong Business Culture 1. Overview Hong Kong is one of the Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of China, and the other is Macau. Itis located on China's south coast. It is only 1,104 km2 large, but has a population of over seven million people. Therefore, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.GDP, Languages… Hongkongwas a colony of Britainfor a long period since the middle of the 19th century. On July 1, 1997,it was returned back to China and became the Special...

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Hong Kong Tourism

provide an overview is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China; the other is Macau. Hong Kong is situated on the southeast coast of China at the mouth of the Pearl River facing the South China Sea. Covering an area of 1,104 square kilometers (425 square miles), the territory is made up of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories. At the core is Victoria Harbour, which separates Hong Kong Island from Kowloon and...

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Hong Kong Cultural Conversation

rapid development. In Hong Kong, however, it was not until the recent years that the city's government, citizens and the media have brought more attention to the development of the city's cultural and arts scene and preservation of the former British colony's unique cultural heritage. In response to the social unrest, the government has begun to develop a specific strategy with regard to the arts and culture. One main focus of their strategies lies in the preservation of Hong Kong cultural heritage....

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The Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution

  The Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution is the largest protest in Hong Kong since 1989. This protest had drawn world media attention even overshadowed every international news. The major cause of this revolution is the mutual trust between Hongkongers and Chinese government are going from bad to worse. Hongkongers has accumulated their discontent over years and it made the "White Paper" became the fuse of Umbrella Revolution. In fact, there are many reasons causing this protest happened, in a simple...

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Hong Kong Disney Case Analysis

Hong Kong Disneyland” 1. The situation The case introduces the Disney Parks that were opened outsides of the United States (Tokyo, Paris). It reveals the reasons why it is successful in Japan and failing in French. Then it focuses on the park which was opened in Hong Kong. Managers tried their best to avoid the mistakes they made in French and thought about culture differences as many as possible. However, it still produced some negative effects, such as The Lunar New Year Holiday Fiasco, during...

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Air Pollution: Causes, Problems, and Solutions In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world. It is not only prominent as an Asian commercial center, but also famous for its air pollution, which haunts the lives of thousands of Hong Kong people and wastes billions of dollars of the government and the private sectors every year. It is an unchanging fact that air pollution in Hong Kong not only results in a waste of massive amounts of money, but also results in deterioration on the overall health standard of the Hong Kong population. No...

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tourism and hong kong

debated. While some businessman welcome the scheme that likely enhance the economy in Hong Kong, normal citizens complain that mainland tourists handicap their daily lives and deteriorate the tension between Hong Kong and mainland. A number of economists advocate the economic strength of The Individual Visit Scheme. Tourism is of utmost importance in Hong Kong since Tourism is one of the four pillar industries in Hong Kong along with financial services, trading and logistics, and professional services...

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The Rise of Drug Abuse in Hong Kong

Goretti Wong 6B (27) Say NO to drugs Drug abuse is on the rise among young people in Hong Kong which is a serious and alarming phenomenon that every one of us should face squarely to. Before we figure out ways to help them, we must first understand the reasons for teenagers to take drugs. Peer influence is the dominant reason for teenagers to take drugs. Usually, friends among a group share same interests and their behaviors are expected to be consistent with one another. At the same time...

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Hong Kong Property Markets

market in Hong Kong Introduction Hong Kong has established its real estate markets since 1841, when it became a colony of the British Empire after the First Opium War. As a small city with only an area of 1,104 square km, but over 7 millions of people, Hong Kong has one of the most prosperous property markets and which has created a huge amount of wealth. According to Forbes list of Hong Kong billionaires 2012, the top 3 richest people and 8 out of top 11 richest people in Hong Kong are came...

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Problems Faced by Teenagers in Hong Kong

worries: 1) Examination -teenagers are mainly secondary students and their ages are mainly 13-17. -their burdens are not only their homework and extra-curricular activities, but also their curriculum. -according to a survey conducted by Hong Kong University , about 80% students think that they need to face a lot of challenges about their examinations . -the survey also reveals that Chinese, English and mathematics are their main problems. They think that these are very difficult to manage...

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Hong Kong Disney

Disney stores in order to retain the memory in Disneyland. In other words, the spending per capita of Chinese in Disneyland would be expected to be much lower than that of Americans as they are more like to pay extra for entertainment. Q4. How is Hong Kong Disneyland operating now? How to cope with the key challenges? Low attendance rate: Disney's idea is to attract more than five million tourists including locals, mainlanders and foreigners to the park within the first year of business but some...

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The Relationship of China and Hong Kong Property Market

about the foaminess of Chinea property market (both 1st and 2nd hand), it shows that the risk ratios of the tier 1 cities is quite high. If you were investors and wealthy man, will you pour money into China property market ONLY? 2. Hong Kong Property Market In 2009, properites of HK bloom, especially for luxury properties, which are mainly driven by the millionaires (no, should be billionaires) from the mainland. The most shocking news is that the property prices continue to hit new...

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Confucianism is of Little Value in Today’s Hong Kong

CCCH9003 Modernity and Traditional Chinese Thought 2012-2013 Term Essay ‘Confucianism is of little value in today’s Hong Kong.’ Name: Cheng Ho Kwan UID: 3035068752 Introduction Historically, traditional Confucian philosophy fell out of use in China as modernity swept across Asia at beginning of the twentieth century. Since China was defeated by invaded of western countries and the increase industrial power and economic of Europe and United States forced Chinese people to consider...

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Hong Kong Legal System

PCLL Conversion Examination June 2011 Examiner’s Comments Hong Kong Legal System The examination consisted of three questions two of which were compulsory. The three questions addressed: HK sources of law, jury service and reciprocity between the HKSAR and PRC legal systems. The examination was held over two hours and written on a closed book basis. As with past exams, the examiners prepared a list of factors in advance of the examination that were relevant to answering each question. Thus, to...

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Economies of Hong Kong and the Pan-PRD

Economies of Hong Kong and the Pan-PRD Why the Heritage Foundation ranked Hong Kong as the first “free economy” in the world? Hong Kong has been ranked the freest economy in the world by the Heritage Foundation for the 19th consecutive year since the index was first published in 1995. We will see the criteria of a free economy according to the Heritage foundation. Then we will explain why and how Hong Kong is ranked as the first free economy in the world. Criteria of “free economy” according...

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Plastic Pellet Accident in Hong Kong

happen it is , but the influence and this incident is solvable or not. When the strong typhoon, Vicente, passed south in Hong Kong, there were seven CSL containers fell into sea which are about 168 tons of polypropylene colloidal particles into the ocean. Therefore, Vicente not only provides a holiday for us, but also an ecological disaster. After that a multitude of Hong Kong people are worried about the plastic pellet are harmful for human being or not and is it solvable in our society. In our...

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cycling in hong kong

Should bicycle be promoted as major transport in Hong Kong? In the recent years, the bicycle has become one of the popular exercises in Hong Kong and some legislative councilors advocate to promote cycling as major transport so as to sustain the low-carbon living. This promotion has given rise to many discussions in the society. While some advocates believe riding bike can enhance the citizens’ health, others concern that cycling may increase the danger of other road users. This paper examines...

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Hong Kong Education System

In Hong Kong education system, there are six types of primary and secondary schools, government schools, subsidized schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools, private schools, private international schools and English Schools Foundation. (Education Bureau, 2009) . In this essay, I will mainly focus on the sociological and economic perspectives of Direct Subsidy schools. There are ten points in sociological and economic perspectives. Greater flexibility can be obtained for schools. (Education...

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Identify How Sport Is Administered in Hong Kong and Discuss How These Organizations Can Provide Better Opportunities for the Community of Hong Kong

Introduction Nowadays, Hong Kong is not only a place for financial, real estate or logistical business activities, as the government provides the weight on sports events and development. The function of sports activities in HK is no longer to be an entertainment but it starts moving to a professional event. For example the successful outcome of Olympic Equestrian Events in 2008, therefore, Hong Kong people start changing their mind and believe that they are well prepared for a large international...

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Education Reform in Hong Kong: 334 System

Education Reform in Hong Kong: 334 System There are a number of controversies and debates on recent education reforms in Hong Kong. The most recent and debatable one is 334 Education System in 2012. In the following, it will first briefly look into the old and new education system. Also, it will explore the implications of the new education system to see the causes and consequences. By 2012, the 334 Education System replaced the 3223 Education System. The two systems are structurally...

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The Essential Element to Be a Financial Planner in Hong Kong

“Describe the essential element to be a successful financial planner in Hong Kong and China. Explain the challenges of practicing ethical financial planning in Hong Kong and China.” Successful financial planning Successful financial planning Establishing trusting relationships with clients Establishing trusting relationships with clients Strong reputation Strong reputation Professional and ethical behavior Professional and ethical behavior Strong financial planning knowledge Strong...

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Consumer Behaviour Trends in China, Hong Kong and Australia

1 Executive Summary Consumer behaviors vary between different countries and market structure. This report seeks to uncover the underlying factors behind some of the biggest consumer markets, Australia, Hong Kong and China. Demographic characteristics largely affect by social and value trends such as consumption culture, gender roles and demand for certain goods and services. The existing relationship between these factors would be analyzed and discussed further. From an analysis of the distinct...

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Hong Kong Disney

Individual Case Analysis-1 Hong Kong Disney Mktg 412 Sales Management In the case entitled Hong Kong Disneyland (Ivey Management Services version, 2007) describes the global mega-entertainment corporation’s inability to achieve forecasts in attendance and profit for the facilities first two years of operation (2005-206). Further research has shown that Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD) first year of profit came in 2012 (Nip, Kang-Chung...

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Case Analysis of Hong Kong Disneyland

Case Analysis of Hong Kong Disneyland Analysis for Disney’s losing market share due to operational issues Hong Kong is a set of islands, which are outside the Mainland China. The culture in Hong Kong differs from the mainland due to its rule from the British. Hong Kong was a prime tourist destinations for a large number of people from the mainland, as a result Disney focused on people from mainland, the local residents and international tourists. The local residents were infamous for their low...

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Hong Kong Today

Liberal Studies F4 Second term—Hong Kong Today  Indicators used to understand poverty in HK     Income Health Education    Living conditions Employment Community / family support Section 1—Poverty Disparity / discrepancy between rich and poor  Gini coefficient - Range from 0 to 1 0 = income distribution is absolute equal 1 = income distribution is absolute unequal  Challenges faced by poor people  Employment - usually contract staff, low income, lack labour protection   ...

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Hong Kong During the 1950s and 1960s

Hong Kong during the 1950s and 60¡¦s Hong Kong is often looked upon as the capital of free trade. Located in the center of Southeast Asia, this is no small coincidence as to the region¡¦s success. It is based upon effective governance and the intensive working attitude of the local people. Nevertheless, Hong Kong has had to confront numerous challenges in order to achieve its status in the world market today. In the early 1950s, Hong Kong underwent enormous changes which totally transformed its...

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Is it enough for Hong Kong to remain successful by staying at the top globally in its economic freedom?

for Hong Kong to remain successful by staying at the top globally in its economic freedom? Introduction Hong Kong has ranked as the world's freest economy in The Wall Street Journal and Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom for 17 consecutive years, since the inception of the index in 1995.1Being economic free helps the successful of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the richest region in the world. However, In World Competitiveness Yearbook 2013 published by IMD, the ranking of Hong Kong competitiveness...

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