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  • Problems Faced by Teenagers in Hong Kong

    worries: 1) Examination -teenagers are mainly secondary students and their ages are mainly 13-17. -their burdens are not only their homework and extra-curricular activities‚ but also their curriculum. -according to a survey conducted by Hong Kong University ‚ about 80% students think that they need to face a lot of challenges about their examinations . -the survey also reveals that Chinese‚ English and mathematics are their main problems. They think that these are very difficult to manage

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  • Analysis of Hong Kong Cinema

    “One artistic strength of Hong Kong cinema‚ then‚ is its use of parallels and motifs—musical‚ visual‚ or verbal—to bind together episodically plotted films.” : In Plots p 120 So far in this Chinese Cinemas class‚ I have noticed something every film we have viewed in class and every Hong Kong film I have watched outside of the lecture: the stories flow perfectly. At first the films could come off as confusing and spotty with all the kung-fu and epic stories. The Hong Kong films we have viewed so

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  • Plastic Pellet Accident in Hong Kong

    happen it is ‚ but the influence and this incident is solvable or not. When the strong typhoon‚ Vicente‚ passed south in Hong Kong‚ there were seven CSL containers fell into sea which are about 168 tons of polypropylene colloidal particles into the ocean. Therefore‚ Vicente not only provides a holiday for us‚ but also an ecological disaster. After that a multitude of Hong Kong people are worried about the plastic pellet are harmful for human being or not and is it solvable in our society. In our

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  • Hong Kong Business Law Assignment

    Hong Kong Business Law Assignment 1 1. Zoe wants to sue the retailer to claim back property damage of $22‚000. The consumer claim to sue the retailer of HK$22‚000 is a minor monetary claim. The Smalls Claims Tribunal was set up to deal with monetary claims involving amounts not exceeding HK$50‚000. It is an inferior court which provides a quick ‚ inexpensive and informal method of adjudicating disputes relating to minor monetary claim. Legal representation is not allowed. It is most feasible

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  • Profile of Hong Kong

    Country Profile Series Hong Kong In-depth PESTLE insights PESTLE Country Analysis Report: Hong Kong © MarketLine. This report is a licensed product and is not to be photocopied REFERENCE CODE: ML00002-039 PUBLICATION DATE: October 2012 WWW.MARKETLINE.COM MARKETLINE. THIS PROFILE IS A LICENSED PRODUCT AND IS NOT TO BE PHOTOCOPIED ML00002-039/Published 10/2012 Page 1 OVERVIEW Catalyst This profile analyzes the political‚ economic‚ social‚ technological‚ legal‚ and environmental

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  • The Pursuit of Physical Beauty in Hong Kong

    Learning English through Popular Culture The human desire to look attractive is universal and because of this‚ cosmetic surgery is now a multi-million dollar industry. Write a letter to the editor of the Hong Kong Express about the obsession with physical beauty. Dear Editor‚ I am writing to express my grave concern towards the obsession with physical beauty in the territory. Seeing that a deluge of advertisements and billboards concerning beauty parlors and slimming centres show up on magazines

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  • an essay of Hong Kong Land Use

    In 2010‚ Octopus Company took “cooperation with the partners” to make use of clients’ personal data and get the commission. Although Octopus Company claimed that they had obtained agreement to persons involved‚ because Octopus card holders had agreed the “personal data policy”. However‚ as a matter of fact that lots of card holders did not read the policy‚ at an obscure spot in the right lower part of the company’s home page‚ we can find a link about "personal data policy”. It is a long document

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  • The Skyline and Urban Development ——with Hong Kong for Example

    The Skyline and Urban Development ——with Hong Kong for example Nanjing Forestry University 2013 Congru Zhang Abstract: Skyline as a new symbol of the city and the characteristics of the landscape‚ along with the development of the city‚also witnessed the changes in urban history. Scientific and technological development and the psychology of human behavior have become an important factor of city’s skyline. This paper analyzes the Hong Kong; for example‚ explore internal and external causes; space

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  • Why Hong Kong Hates CY Leung

    Why all Hong Kong people hates CY Leung Actually‚ not all Hong Kong people hate CY Leung‚ just 95% of them hate him. The remaining 5% include the underground communist party members in Hong Kong‚ the new immigrants which is from Mainland China‚ the people which the Communist party of China paid for and CY Leung himself.(sadly‚ the communist party of China is too rich to send so many immigrants to Hong Kong‚ which is increasing that 5%). Who is CY Leung? Well‚ if you live in Hong Kong‚ you must

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  • Hong Kong Disney

    Hong Kong Disneyland One of the biggest complaints heard from visitors of Hong Kong Disney‚ is the size of the park. The vast majority of visitors believe that the park is too small. The capacity of the park is 30‚000 visitors per day. HKD is the smallest among Disney theme park properties in the world. The park currently occupies just 55 acres and has only four “lands” – Fantasyland‚ Tomorrowland ‚ Advertureland‚ and Main Street USA. Our first recommendation would be to expand the park. HKD

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