Hong Kong Tourism

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The destination I would like to choose and provide an overview is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China; the other is Macau. Hong Kong is situated on the southeast coast of China at the mouth of the Pearl River facing the South China Sea. Covering an area of 1,104 square kilometers (425 square miles), the territory is made up of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories. At the core is Victoria Harbour, which separates Hong Kong Island from Kowloon and beyond that, the New Territories that runs up to the boundary with Mainland China. As well as making up the bulk of Hong Kong's land mass, the New Territories also incorporates 262 outlying islands, including Lantau where the airport is located. Hong Kong's magnificent harbour has been the key to its development as a trading port for China, progressing through an industrial era to become a leading financial and services centre in Asia. The unique blend of eastern and western influences matched by diverse attractions and stunning countryside, has also made Hong Kong Asia's prime tourist destination. Hong Kong is a well developed destination in different characteristics, such as location, weather, and culture. Hong Kong is also a best and first destination for tourists who want to start a trip in China too.

Pull factors refer to the ability of a destination to “pull” or draw tourist to it. It relates more to characteristics of a destination and not the tourist. Pull factors relate to the supply side of tourism (Weaver & Lawton 2006). Nine pull factors that can encourage or discourage tourism, they are: Geographical proximity to markets, Accessibility to markets, Availability of attractions, Cultural links, Availability of services, Affordability, Peace and stability, Positive market image, Pro-tourism policies (Weaver & Lawton 2006).

Geographical proximity to markets means that the traffic flowing from origin region to a destination region. Most short distance between origin and destination provide most drawing power of tourist. This is known as a distance-decay effect. In Hong Kong, this pull factor is very important that especially for Mainland China tourist. Nowadays, Mainland China provided a huge amount of tourist to Hong Kong dues to one of the reason as Hong Kong geographically easy for tourist to access and travel.

Accessibility to markets means that tourist can physically travel to a place. This can also mean time and physical distance, but it may mean convenience, such as Visa. In Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport is one of the world's best and most modern airports offering a comprehensive range of facilities and services to travelers entering and leaving Hong Kong. Furthermore, nationals of most countries do not require visas and can stay for periods varying from 7 days to 180 days.

Availability of services related to a destination which can provide quality transportation access, adequate accommodation, toilets and dining facilities. Hong Kong has more than 50,000 rooms available, offers a huge choice of accommodation to suit every budget, from modest guesthouses and youth hostels through every range of hotel up to super luxury.

Attractions are considered to be the most important factor of tourism system, because they are crucial in drawing tourists’ attention. Primary attractions have the greatest ability to draw or attract tourists’. The ability of attractions to draw visitors depends on their quality, quantity, carrying capacity, market image and accessibility. Hong Kong offers a host of fantastic attractions, many of which are easily accessed and accommodate visitors with mobility related impairments and difficulties. Such as, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, The Peak, Victoria Harbour.

Peace and stability, tourist market is sensitive to any suggestion of social or political instability within a destination. Persons need to...
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