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cycling in hong kong

Should bicycle be promoted as major transport in Hong Kong? In the recent years, the bicycle has become one of the popular exercises in Hong Kong and some legislative councilors advocate to promote cycling as major transport so as to sustain the low-carbon living. This promotion has given rise to many discussions in the society. While some advocates believe riding bike can enhance the citizens’ health, others concern that cycling may increase the danger of other road users. This paper examines...

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The Relationship of China and Hong Kong Property Market

about the foaminess of Chinea property market (both 1st and 2nd hand), it shows that the risk ratios of the tier 1 cities is quite high. If you were investors and wealthy man, will you pour money into China property market ONLY? 2. Hong Kong Property Market In 2009, properites of HK bloom, especially for luxury properties, which are mainly driven by the millionaires (no, should be billionaires) from the mainland. The most shocking news is that the property prices continue to hit new...

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Hong Kong Legal System

PCLL Conversion Examination June 2011 Examiner’s Comments Hong Kong Legal System The examination consisted of three questions two of which were compulsory. The three questions addressed: HK sources of law, jury service and reciprocity between the HKSAR and PRC legal systems. The examination was held over two hours and written on a closed book basis. As with past exams, the examiners prepared a list of factors in advance of the examination that were relevant to answering each question. Thus, to...

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an essay of Hong Kong Land Use

Additionally, so advisable is that the government should allow that Privacy Commissioner have real power to challenge violators. Otherwise, the existence of Privacy Commissioner is meaningless. To conclude, in the aftermath of Octopus data leakage, the Hong Kong society has a introspection about the importance of personal data and the ethics of different marketing behaviors. Perhaps, we should reconsider our responsibility in the society. ...

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Hong Kong Disney

Individual Case Analysis-1 Hong Kong Disney Mktg 412 Sales Management In the case entitled Hong Kong Disneyland (Ivey Management Services version, 2007) describes the global mega-entertainment corporation’s inability to achieve forecasts in attendance and profit for the facilities first two years of operation (2005-206). Further research has shown that Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD) first year of profit came in 2012 (Nip, Kang-Chung...

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Cultural Difference Between Hong Kong and the U.S.

Cultural Difference between Hong Kong and the U.S. Hong Kong has been one of the most prosperous cities in the world for many years. The idea of Hong Kong being returned to China was frightening many Hong Kong people in the early 80s, but the handover turned out to be a memorable moment for most of the citizens. Today, Hong Kong is no longer a colony of Britain and Chinese are holding most of the top positions in the government. Not only the political and economic issues have been changed a lot...

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Economies of Hong Kong and the Pan-PRD

Economies of Hong Kong and the Pan-PRD Why the Heritage Foundation ranked Hong Kong as the first “free economy” in the world? Hong Kong has been ranked the freest economy in the world by the Heritage Foundation for the 19th consecutive year since the index was first published in 1995. We will see the criteria of a free economy according to the Heritage foundation. Then we will explain why and how Hong Kong is ranked as the first free economy in the world. Criteria of “free economy” according...

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Identify How Sport Is Administered in Hong Kong and Discuss How These Organizations Can Provide Better Opportunities for the Community of Hong Kong

Introduction Nowadays, Hong Kong is not only a place for financial, real estate or logistical business activities, as the government provides the weight on sports events and development. The function of sports activities in HK is no longer to be an entertainment but it starts moving to a professional event. For example the successful outcome of Olympic Equestrian Events in 2008, therefore, Hong Kong people start changing their mind and believe that they are well prepared for a large international...

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Hong Kong Business Law Assignment

Hong Kong Business Law Assignment 1 1. Zoe wants to sue the retailer to claim back property damage of $22,000. The consumer claim to sue the retailer of HK$22,000 is a minor monetary claim. The Smalls Claims Tribunal was set up to deal with monetary claims involving amounts not exceeding HK$50,000. It is an inferior court which provides a quick , inexpensive and informal method of adjudicating disputes relating to minor monetary claim. Legal representation is not allowed. It is most feasible...

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Education Reform in Hong Kong: 334 System

Education Reform in Hong Kong: 334 System There are a number of controversies and debates on recent education reforms in Hong Kong. The most recent and debatable one is 334 Education System in 2012. In the following, it will first briefly look into the old and new education system. Also, it will explore the implications of the new education system to see the causes and consequences. By 2012, the 334 Education System replaced the 3223 Education System. The two systems are structurally...

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