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Eastern Bloc

Sovietisation of Eastern Europe 1945-1968 World war two saw a grand alliance of Britain, America and Russia created in order to defeat their common enemy, Adolf Hitler. In pursuit of this goal they attended a number of conferences to plan their attacks and to decide on the future of post war Europe. At Teheran in 1943 Churchill voiced concerns about the post-war situation in Eastern Europe, he was afraid that victory over the Nazis would leave the USSR in control of Eastern Europe. To prevent this...

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Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, 1989

the West, and in the course of the night, celebrants on both sides of the wall began to tear it down. The collapse of the Berlin Wall was the culminating point of the revolutionary changes sweeping East Central Europe in 1989. Throughout the Soviet bloc, reformers assumed power and ended over 40 years of dictatorial Communist rule. The reform movement that ended communism in East Central Europe began in Poland. Solidarity, an anti-Communist trade union and social movement, had forced Poland’s Communist...

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Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe

defeated all of the Communist candidates. The Soviet Union established powerful Communist forces in many countries over Eastern Europe after World War II, most notably in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland. Several efforts of reform were crushed and large populations faced turmoil, distress, imprisonment and death. There was military intervention and tensions all across the Eastern Europe. After decades of defeated attempts of getting rid of the Soviets, following the collapse of the Berlin Wall in...

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Analyze the Successes and Failures of Soviet Policies Towards Germany and the Eastern European Satellite States During the Regimes of Khrushchev and Brezhnev

Analyze the successes and failures of Soviet policies towards Germany and the eastern European satellite states during the regimes of Khrushchev and Brezhnev In order to analyze the successes and failures of Soviet policies towards Germany and the eastern European satellite states during the regimes of Khrushchev and Brezhnev one must choose eastern European satellites that were affected by the Soviet policies most and had a direct relationship with Moscow during the reigns of these two leaders:...

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Solidarity and Its Effect on the Fall of European Communist Regimes

changes within the Polish Government and its influence led to the eventual collapse of Eastern European Communist regimes. Although Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and East Germany would receive more attention and recognition for their roles in the demise of communism, Poland with its labor and inflation problems throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s would be the catalyst that ignites the movement towards democracy throughout Eastern Europe including the former Soviet Union. Solidarity’s roots can be traced from...

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To what extent was the GDR controlled by the Soviet Union in the years to 1961?

the Socialist Party. Wilhelm Pieck was appointed president, Otto Grotewohl Prime Minister and Walter Ulbricht became the First Secretary, a role which was more superior when it came to decision making. This new socialist state was a part of the Eastern Bloc and it soon became the most successful state within it. The USSR had a very big influence on East Germanys policies and there economy, due to the communal beliefs in socialist and communist ideas. In addition, I believe that the USSR did control...

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globe. The Soviet Union and its Cold War allies in Eastern Europe were referred to as the Eastern Bloc. The term was also used to describe Soviet allies elsewhere in the world, including nations far from Eastern Europe. Many Eastern Bloc governments were communist regimes, manipulated or controlled by the USSR. In nations such as Poland, Romanian, and Bulgaria, people had little freedom under the rule of tyrannical governments. The Eastern Bloc nations under soviet sway were sometimes called “Satellites”...

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The One Bears the Main Responsibility in Causing the Cold War

great one, however, just a while after the end of the WW2, their relation broke down unexpectedly, & Cold War, the military tension, proxy war, political conflicts & economic competition primarily between the communist bloc leaded by the USSR & the capitalist bloc leaded by the US, had developed. Stalin’s poor image & offensive actions irritated the US to respond to Stalin’s actions by unskillful and over-reacted actions. Both have responsibility in causing the Cold War rather than...

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What Role Should European Nations Play In The 21st Century Essay

accepting refugees. France and Germany are just two of many European nations that are accepting Syrian refugees. This shows how far Europe has come since the days of WWII in terms of morality. 2) Consider the rise of the Soviet Sphere of influence in Eastern Europe after World War II; discuss the numerous ways that the capitalist West and the communist East conflicted with each other in Europe during the Cold War. How did these conflicts lead to the initial strengthening, but ultimate downfall, of the...

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The Cold War essay

 THE COLD WAR BY: Rosalia Salinas History V04B Final Fall 2014 Immediately in the aftermath of WWII, the world was split into two opposing camps, the Western Bloc which consists of the U.S., its NATO allies and some others and Eastern Bloc consist of the Soviet Union and their allies from the Warsaw Pact. Though they did not fight directly, there were major regional wars in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan that both sides supported; they were actively engaged in the Cold War. This war did...

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