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individual by a malevolent supernatural being, such as Satan or a demon, which takes over the physical and mental capabilities of a victim. This victim could be an object, animal, or human being. The being acts through the victim without the victim’s consent. A demon is considered to be an “unclean spirit” which may cause demonic possession calling for an exorcism. Entities of darkness thrive on anger, violence, depression, and negativity. A demon does not act alone when possessing an individual; they work...

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Demon and Disguised Demons

Introduction The term "demons" was not always understood to have the absolutely negative connotation that it does today. Homer used the terms "demons" and "gods" more or less interchangeably. Another opinion was that demons were intermediaries between men and gods, and that demons had once been men. Plutarch speaks of "human souls as commencing, first heroes, then demons, and afterward as advancing to a more sublime degree." Philo of Byblus seems to draw on this same tradition when he states...

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Angels and Demons

 Introduction An analysis of the significance relating to angels and demons reveals dilemmas facing the true believer: how to understand who angels and demons are and how they work in Christian lives. There is a soul-claiming war that rages on between the spiritual inhabitants of angels and demons on earth. Angels and demons are fighting for human spirits and faith. Depending on who wins the war will inevitably determine where we spend eternity...

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Demon and Meredith

evident that Meredith came from a well off family due to the exuberant and rich lifestyle she previously lead: drinking, partying, and staying out late. “She drank the demon rum, and she taught me how to do it, too” (Moody, pg 233). Moody continues to reminisce on dancing with his sister, creating mayhem on the dance floor. “We were demons for dance, for noise and excitement”(Moody pg 235). There is a portion of the story where the narrator describes dancing with his sister on the dance floor, how wild...

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2a) List and discuss the personal demons and baggage of the past which accompany each character. Sam's life was filled with demons and excess baggage. It may seem obvious to see Sam's disability (his mangled hand) as a demon but, as you look further into the situations his demons are much deeper than this. We uncover a whole new level of Sam and all of the baggage he tries to hide from the world. Perhaps the most notorious of all of Sam's demons was the inheritance that Merv passed down...

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Demon and Fact Faustus

Faustus describes Mephistopheles as a 'bewitching fiend' - to what extent do you agree? Mephistopheles varies greatly in his attitude towards Faustus, sometimes seemingly offering support and guidance while others acting in a dismissive, even disdainful manner. Throughout, Faustus is manipulated into fulfilling Mephistopheles' own goals, yet the 'bewitching fiend' succeeds in giving him the belief that he wants to do these things himself whether or not he is being guided, albeit rather forcefully...

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Beowulf Assessment

three monster archetypes, each one relates to an internal struggle Beowulf is facing. His battles between each monster eventually lead to his victory over each inner demon he is dealing with. Beowulf portrays this when he successfully defeats Grendel’s Mother “The water was calm and clean, the whole/ Huge lake was peaceful once the demons who’d lived/ in it/ Were dead.../They left the lake together.../Behind them the water slowly thickened/ As the monsters’ blood came seeping up”(ll. 1620-1631). As...

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Screwtape Letter

Screwtape Letters is a great book that is written from the vantage point of one demon writing to his demon nephew. This allows the reader to think in a different way than the normal Christian perspective. It shows the many ways Satan and his demons try to persuade people away from God. It is about the man's struggles to get past all of the trials Screwtape had set for him. It is one’s faith journey from the eyes of a demon. Screwtape is constantly trying to trick the man into believing something that...

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Demonic Posession- Anneliese Michel

the real Emily Rose, Anneliese Michel was a young girl who suffered from complete demonic possession. For seven years Anneliese was subjected to the wrath of six or more demons including Lucifer , Hitler, Cain, and Judas, who tormented her daily. The exorcism authorized by The Catholic Church that was expected to eradicate her demons, ultimately resulted in the tragic death of Anneliese. Anneliese Michel was born into a devout catholic family on September 21, 1952 in Bavaria, Germany. Her father...

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The Destruction of Umuofia

The evil forest was a cursed land that no Ibo person would grow crops or build huts for fear of evil demons. It was believed that the white men would either run away, or be killed. In either case, the Ibo people would be happy. But they soon noticed that even though these men were on cursed ground, nothing bad happened to them. No white man died of a horrible illness or was eaten by animals or demons. Many tribesmen began to doubt that there was anything to fear about the so called, “evil”, forest...

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