Demon and Meredith

Topics: Demon, Narrator, Fiction Pages: 4 (1361 words) Published: April 18, 2010
Inas M. Mohamed

Professor Erin McMillan

English Composition 102

February 6 2010

Limitless Pictures, infinite memories.

“Demonology,” touching story by Rick Moody, portrays the life of his beloved sister Meredith as he reminisces through chronologically fragmented snapshots and photos, recollecting significant moments in her life. Moody pushes the boundaries and uses the conventions of both a short story and a memoir in order to have more freedom illustrating his sister’s life. In addition, not defining the text is a strategy Moody uses to his advantage because it allows him to go beyond a mere representation of the past. Moody narrates vivid, concrete descriptions as if he was right there, when in actuality he couldn’t have been. His style and use of language also contribute to his portrayal of his sister and the overall meaning he wishes to convey. Moody describes his sister’s life in clear, explicit details that have the reader wondering how he might know such things. This is answered by the fact that Moody’s text has some fictionalized aspects, and is not entirely non-fictional. Moody’s sense of style, concrete language, and vivid descriptions allow the reader to make connections with Meredith’s character and lifestyle. Ultimately, Moody’s story helps us recognize the significance of lost family members and the precious memories associated with them.

The story starts with Meredith taking her children out trick-or-treating on Halloween, while taking pictures of the narrator’s nephew and niece, who are her kids. This introduces Meredith’s love for capturing photographs on special events. This is also shown by the description of the massive amount of photo albums and negatives scattered all over her living room with many more floating across her basement and the rest of the house. She loved taking pictures, capturing moments, and special events. Moody must have felt like he should capture distinct moments of her life too. She...

Cited: Schilb, John. “Demonology.” 4th Ed. Rick Moody. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009. 231-239. Print.
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