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  • Where Have the Good Men Gone

    Where Have The Good Men Gone? Second draft ‘’Where Have the Good Men Gone?’’ is what Kay Hymowitz wants to know in her latest Wall St. Journal‚ published on February 19th 2011. Her argument‚ which appears to be largely based on Judd Apatow movies‚ is that young American men do not grow up. Her other book‚ “Manning Up” received brilliant reviews‚ saying it was ‘’fascinating’’ and ‘’brutally honest’’. ‘’Where Have the Good Men Gone’’ even formed part of a live chat involving men and women debating

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  • Abortion

    Abortion For many years‚ abortion has been perhaps the most controversial issue in America. The controversy is between protecting an unborn child’s life and taking away a woman’s constitutional freedom to choose. Those who are Pro-Choice believe that a woman should be allowed to control their own body and no one has the right to compel their morals on them. Pro-Life advocates like Jennifer Simmons‚ believe that a constitutional amendment should be pass giving equal protection to all including

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  • Dissent

    Amanda June Mr. Hill English AP September 9‚ 2012 Dissent vs. Disagreement Daniel J. Boorstin’s excerpt of distinction between dissent and disagreement is a true statement. A strong dissent between one topic leads to a quarrel‚ whilst‚ disagreeing shows a milder answer that leads to only a simple argument. By examining the outcomes and circumstances in which they are used‚ it becomes clear that disagreement and dissent have different meanings in context. Disagreement occurs when one topic

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    examination of Olympic Controversies. Consider the following questions as you develop your own presentation: Is there a common root for all Olympic Controversies? Are some or were some controversies media driven? Do the Olympics and the media thrive off of controversy? Do the controversies affect the actual games? What is at the heart of the Olympics‚ the spirit of competition or something else? Going for Gold A History of Olympic Controversies From the beginning‚ controversy has followed the

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  • Planning Report for Croydon City Council

    Croydon Council Planning Committee Meeting‚ Thursday 2nd April 2009 6.30 pm The following is a report that will give information on a Planning meeting organised by Croydon City Council. The report will show three main items. These are: * The main advocates of the meeting‚ their roles and how they influenced the meeting * How the committee deals with planning applications * What happened at the meeting to allow public speaking and the process involved The report will also give

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  • Constructive Controversy

    Constructive controversy is a process through which two individuals or groups of individuals seek to reach an agreement when their ideas‚ opinions and information are incompatible to those of the other (Johnson‚ Johnson and Tjosvold‚ 2006). The process is based on a strong cooperative goal and involves “deliberate discourse [of the advantages and disadvantages of proposed actions] aimed at synthesizing novel solutions” (Johnson‚ Johnson and Tjosvold‚ 2006‚ p.71). Participants cope constructively

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  • Controversies of Rizal

    Dr. Jose Rizal Controversies Dr. Jose Rizal‚ the well-loved Philippine national hero‚ and the brave known genius was famous and will remain famous worldwide. I don’t know if you’ve heard bout him‚ but of course if you’re a Filipino‚ you surely know him well because he’s a big part of the Philippine history. Jose Rizal is a star and like I’ve said genius and every star and genius is famous. And every famous is controversial. Before I go direct to Jose Rizal’s controversies‚ have a brief information

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  • Religious Controversies

    societies created religion as a way to express faith and have something to personally hold onto. Even though religion has purely good intentions‚ it has become the cause of conflict and struggle for thousands of years. Today religion has stirred much controversy in America. Some of the biggest struggles with religion in today’s society are with Catholic practices and how they correlate with modern perspectives‚ the rising tension between Islam and American prejudice‚ and religion’s presence in education

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  • The Islam Controversy

    The Islam controversy: perceptions and truths Name: College: Course: Tutor: Date: The Islam controversy: perceptions and truths In the recent years‚ Islam has been closely associated with terrorist and violent actions‚ as well as lack of respect for women and their rights. There have been numerous ideas and beliefs about the Muslim faith and culture that are misconceived and misplaced. It is said the Muslims conquered everything by sword and fire- an idea that has built a

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  • Rap's Controversy

    Rap’s Controversy The most popular new music to emerge from the ‘80’s was rap music. It first developed in the mid ‘70’s in New York City‚ and soon in other urban areas‚ primarily amongst African-American teen-agers. It became very popular with the urban public that it soon began to spread throughout the United States and much of the world. It replaced rock music as the creative force in music of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. However‚ as popular as it was then and it is now‚ the lyrics of many rap songs

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