Conducting Meetings

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Conduct Meetings
Assessment task 2

Name of business: Dazzling Photography
Description of business: Photography business specializing in: Weddings, Newborn photography, Family portraits and studio design. We also offer photo editing and collages. Number of employee’s in the workplace: 12

Meeting Purpose: A meeting to agree on where to go on the company business retreat (Melbourne, Noosa or Fiji)

Organisational requirements
Meeting minutes must be captured
Meeting must start and finish on time
Must have a chairperson
Participants must arrive on time
Phones must be switched off
One person must speak at a time
Majority of members to agree for all decisions
Chairperson holds casting vote
Time limit on speakers
Legal and ethical requirements
Equal opportunity
Ensuring all minutes are a true and accurate reflection of what occurred during the meeting Conducting discussions openly and honestly
Maintaining confidentiality where required

Conducting the meeting

What steps can you take to ensure the meeting is time efficient?

Follow agenda
Don’t allow speaker’s to go over time limit
Ensure participants arrive on time
Have enough time for questions and discussion’s

What are some strategies (at least two) that you can use to facilitate positive and focused discussions and decision making?

Facilitating not dominating: By allowing others to also join the discussion and share their views and ideas. Encourage healthy debates: By making sure the debates are based around ideas not around certain people. Simulating Discussion: Ask open ended questions, support participants when they speak, paraphrase and brainstorming sessions

Based on your meeting purpose and the agenda you created in Assessment Task One, what are the desired outcomes of your meeting?

The desired outcome of the meeting is for the team to decide where we will go for our yearly retreat. Also making sure the whole team comes to an agreed decision and there are no arguments and disagreements.

How would you ensure that these outcomes are met?

Ensure everyone is free and relaxed enough to share their opinions. To make the information on each retreat destination straight forward and to the point so everyone can understand.

Problem Solving

Problem number one: Disagreement between two participants becomes confrontational, Jessie believes we should go to Fiji, yet Sukhpreet believes that the company retreat should be held in Melbourne because the cost would be much more practical.

Problem number two: The meeting has run past its designated length and participants are still in disagreement about where to go on retreat. Due to Jessie and Sukhpreet arguing the meeting has gone over time.

Problem Solving

Problem 1: To solve this problem I believe the best technique is the SWOT analysis

Issue A
Issue B
Jessie believes the team deserves to go to Fiji due to the great work they have done this year and 2 other team members agree with her Sukhpreet believes we should not go to Fiji because it will put a dent in the company’s financial status Weaknesses

Jessie isn’t thinking of the whole team she is thinking of herself she wants to go to Fiji she has ulterior motives Sukhpreet is being uptight and not budging on his choice of Melbourne Opportunities

Fiji is a great holiday and the team would enjoy their time there. Melbourne isn’t far so the team could have a longer stay due to such a short flight time. Threats

Problem 2: The meeting has gone over time so the chairperson (Stephanie) will take a vote and come to an agreement on where to go for the company retreat.

Recording Meetings

Lauren will be taking minutes.

This meeting’s whole purpose is to decide where we are going on retreat and it won’t be a very long meeting. For this meeting Lauren I would just like you to jot down dot points from the conversation’s...
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