Group Communication

Topics: Audience, Idea, Participation Pages: 1 (423 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Group Communication
How does group communication differ from individual communication? Define group communication in your own words, in three to five sentences. Discuss strategies used to promote individual and group communication. Group communication is more complicated as it requires you to address many different attitudes and ideas whereas individual communication is only addressing a single attitude and idea. Group communication is defined by having to share an idea with a group of individual who may or may not think alike. It is also having the ability to understand and compromise with other people of the group so that there is a mutual understanding. I think the whole concept of group communication is to not only be a good speaker, but also a good listener. I think some of the best ways to promote individual and group communication is to ask questions and to answer questions so that the audience; whether being an individual or a group, it allows them to be an active participant and not just a listener. Another way of promoting communication is to use humor; albeit subtle and only if appropriate, to lighten the mood and energize the audience. Being an active listener also is a good way to promote communication, as this makes things seem less selfish and may bring to the table better and more upfront communication. What conflict resolution strategies could be used in case of disagreement? Choosing your tone and words very carefully is the most important part and allowing participants to be heard will play a big part in resolution. It is important to keep the tone of the conservation as positive as possible and stay on course with what is to be achieved. What strategies can be used to foster group communication? Provide examples of how these strategies can be used. Asking questions of the audience and inquiring of them of any ideas or suggestions has always brought for activity among the audience and also makes them feel important. Having as much information...
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