role of communication

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Unit 1 Task 1 P1/M1
Role of Communication
Victoria Climbie case of abuse shocked the nation, and still has an effect on people of today. Victoria was given 12 opportunities to put a stop to the torture which involved starvation, cigarette burns, repetitive beatings with bike chains and belt buckles, and hammer blows to her toes. But because of the lack of effective communication between provisions such as the social worker, Lisa Arthurworrey, and many hospitals, her body had given up on her due to over 120 injuries. Victoria aged 8 died.
This case has made sure effective communication is used in all aspects of jobs, even down to supermarkets. It is extremely vital, so that there is no misunderstanding and achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships in an environment.

Team communication
Team communication is essential tool to a workplace, because information may have to be passed to another member of the team. Tuckman broke down the process of team communication. His theory insured that group interaction was effective how to build trust within groups. (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning.)
There are both advantages and disadvantages of group communication which includes:
 A group can share responsibilities
 Groups can improve decision making and problem solving, as a variety of knowledge and skills of different people are in place.
 More respect and consideration are used.
 Power struggles and battles break out surrounding the group, following-on in a failure of purpose and effectiveness.
 The group may lose concentration on the main goal and the outcome can have no real meaning or benefit.
 There could be a lot of conflict between individuals about who takes on what role/ responsibility for example.

My experience of team communication happens a lot, because I am still in education, so I am asked to take part

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