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Meetings come in all shapes and sizes. There are the everyday office meetings, board meetings, seminars -- all the way up to major conferences. And meetings can now be face-to-face, teleconference, videoconference, or online via the Internet. And when is the last time you heard someone say, "Gee, we need to have more meetings." There are more than enough meetings to go around these days, and for a good reason. Meetings are more important than ever. Modern workplaces are built on teams, sharing of...

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MANAGEMENT- WORK BASED ASSIGNMENT- THELMA CLUTSON EFFECTIVE MEETINGS FOR MANAGERS TASK This task requires me to explain how I would prepare for, manage and contribute to a meeting. • PURPOSE OF THE AGENDA An agenda is a list of topics rather like a framework that are to be discussed at a meeting, this helps the meeting to flow properly and means that the attendees cannot divert off at a tangent onto other topics. It gives the meeting a structure. The agenda should be concise; not be too...

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meeting etiquette

Meeting Etiquettes Definition: Etiquette refers to good manners required by an individual to find a place in the society. It is important for an individual to behave appropriately in public to earn respect and appreciation. Why is meeting etiquette important? One must learn to maintain the decorum of the work place. It is important to respect one’s organization to expect the same in return. No one would ever take you seriously if do not behave well at the workplace. Meetings are an important...

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Agenda of Meeting

Agenda of Meeting Definition: A meeting agenda is the list of items that participants hope to accomplish at a meeting. The agenda should be distributed to participants several days in advance of a meeting, minimally 24 hours, so that participants have the opportunity to prepare for the meeting. In combination with meeting minutes, the documentation that participants receive following a meeting, the agenda is the plan for the meeting and the reported follow-up for the prior meeting. When you develop...

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Aa Meeting

Step Meeting The meeting I attended took place in Bothell on a weeknight at 7:00 pm in the evening. The meeting was held in a local church and there were 17 people in attendance, excluding myself. Among the 17 people, there were 6 women and 11 men. The average attendee was approximately between the ages of 40-50, 4 people were under the age of 30, and two were somewhere around 60. Of the 17 people, 16 were white and one woman was of an Asian-American descent. The focus of the meeting was...

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Organise Meeting

consider when organising and conducting meetings. OH&S and minutes of meeting b) Explain how it would apply in a workplace. Minutes of a meeting are so motions can be upheld or not. Minutes are important so what happened in the meeting is recorded and everyone who attended or sent apologies has a copy. OH&S legislation is to protect workers and employers. Task 2 Match each of the following meeting types with the correct descriptions below the table. Meeting Types Descriptions (A,B,C,D,E) Formal ...

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types of meeting

Types of Meetings There are several types of meetings, including formal, semi-formal and informal. A Formal Meeting Formal meetings follow set meeting procedures that are not always used for informal meetings. The following three types of meetings are formal: • Annual General Meetings • Extraordinary General Meetings • Board Meetings They all have: • An Agenda • A Notice of Meeting • Motions are put, discussed and voted on following certain rules • Proposers and Seconders of motions...

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Conducting Meetings

Conduct Meetings Assessment task 2 Name of business: Dazzling Photography Description of business: Photography business specializing in: Weddings, Newborn photography, Family portraits and studio design. We also offer photo editing and collages. Number of employee’s in the workplace: 12 Meeting Purpose: A meeting to agree on where to go on the company business retreat (Melbourne, Noosa or Fiji) Organisational requirements Meeting minutes must be captured Meeting must start and finish on time...

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Minutes of Meeting

branch. Minutes of Meeting held 5/1/2011 by Chief and Lolo Obi and Juliet Ezeigbo. Venue 128 Graybar Dr N. Plainfield NJ 07062. Time- 4pm. Started 5.35 pm. Date- 5-1-201.1 Attendance: 1. Mr and Mrs. Joseph and Caro Ndumele. 2. Mr and Mrs Cyril and Ngozi Amadiegwu. 3. Mr and Mrs Nathan Ebele Enwerekonwe. 4. Mrs Patience Ndumele. 5. Lolo Juliet Ezeigbo. Apologies: Uzuoma Chioma Okechukwu Imeogu Eric Ndumele Innocent Ndumele Opening Prayer- Meeting commenced with a short...

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mock meeting

Mock Meeting Block A Script (10-Minute Fishbowl) Characters New Community Staff Partner (SP) Returning Committee Chair (Chair) New Logistics Chair (Logistics) Team Development Chair – Past Top Team Captain (Team D) Survivor/Caregiver Chair – Also a Survivor (SCC) Introductions Scene: Large table with chairs around the table, flipchart, and an audience; each character has a table tent with his/her name and role. All characters are at the table with the exception of the Team Development...

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