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Dispute Resolution

the different courts in settling employment disputes. At the end of the report, reader would be able to find alternatives in settling employment disputes too. b. Methods of Research In this report, there will be real life case studies settled by different courts for settling disputes. These cases will help in illustrating the criteria for using the different courts. This report will also include internet research. 2. Causes of Disputes Disputes are caused when both parties, namely the...

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International Dispute Resolution

International Dispute Resolution 1. Can Alternative Dispute Resolution address the problems of international jurisdiction? Outline of Essay 1) Overview of international jurisdiction 2) Introduction of ADR 3) Types of ADR: -Negotiation -Arbitration Describe the pros and cons of these ADR and how they resolve disputes 4) Benefits of ADR over litigation (eg saves time and costs) 5) Limitations of ADR (the outcome may be disputed) 6)Conclusion Dispute resolution management for international...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mr. Joe Brown v Abel Security Company Business Law 415 Patricia A. Jones 1 Alternative Dispute Resolution Mr. Joe Brown was interviewed by Supervisor McGrath and hired as a security officer with Abel Security Company, on Thursday, 16 August, 2007. Supervisor McGrath verbally discussed the Post Order and the uniform policy with Mr. Brown. Supervisor McGrath informed his was the cost for the uniform cap and uniform...

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Theory Dispute Resolution

the best way to resolve your dispute with Motor Services (Medway) Ltd would not be through the use of litigation as you stated your intentions in your case file however would be to engage in an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) first, with litigation being a final resort. Our professional opinion noted that mediation would be the best process to use for your specific situation as will give you the best chance to come to a mutual agreement and resolve this dispute without the need for legal intervention...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Essay

Within the first part of my essay alternative dispute resolution (ADR) will be examined. I will have a critical look at the key types as well as their usefulness in fulfilling the objective of access to justice. ADR represents a variety of processes all aiming to resolve disputes between potential litigants out of court. The parties agree on the type of process used and the independent third party. The main reason for adopting ADR, however, is dissatisfaction with litigation. Especially after...

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Alternate Disputes Resolutions: Mediation and Arbitration

Going to trial is not the best option to resolve disputes. The majority of people use Alternative Dispute Resolutions or ADR, these procedures are less formal and controversial than going to trial to attain an agreement. Besides going to court people has the possibility to use other procedures, the most commonly used are mediation and arbitration. An important advantage of ADR is that it saves time and money. Since there are rules and regulations that have to be followed in a trial, the procedure...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution. Letter

Prefontaine Maria, a client in Buffalo, New York calls and says, “as you Know, I am a contractor who specializes in repair of problems that arise in commercial buildings. I’m thinking of inserting a provision in all of my contracts that requires any dispute to first be mediated and if that does not work, to be arbitrated by an arbitrator who is a member of the American Arbitration Association. I am nervous as to whether the New York state courts will enforce these sorts of provisions, especially if...

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Negotiation / Dispute Resolution- Viking Investments

Paper Project: Viking Investments MBA ###: Seminar in Negotiation and Other Dispute Resolution Methods Written by: ########## 11/17/12 Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Introduction ……………………………………………………………….3 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Summary of Major Issues ……………………………………………………………….. ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution The nature of a work team makes them vulnerable to conflicts and disagreements. Because people carry the weight of personal values, experiences and beliefs into the work team, there is always the possibility that conflict will arise. That is why recognizing the signs and source of conflict will help understand the role of conflict in the work team. Here is list of signs of conflicts that the work team should be aware of: 1. Anger, irritability, sarcasm 2. Without holding...

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Dispute Resolution and Bard

<C.K. Clardige, Inc. Case> 1. What are the interests in this case of the various players in the Varacil market? 1) Tolemite This company developed Varacil production patent in the market. Tolemite had a monopoly in this patent and this company licensed this skill to BARD. Tolemite took a royalty from BARD about 4% amount of sales. 2) BARD BARD is the number one firm in the Varacil market. They had an overwhelming market share in Varacil market. They had given royalty...

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Analysis Alternative Dispute Resolution

Discuss the processes available in alternative dispute resolution and explain its advantages and disadvantages. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) involves dispute resolution processes and techniques that fall outside of the government judicial process. There has been moves against ADR in the past by entities of many political parties and their associates, despite this, ADR has gained inclusive acceptance among both the broad community and the legal profession in past years. In fact, many courts...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") processes are alternative methods of helping people resolve legal problems before going to court. ADR involves an independent third person, called a "neutral" who tries to help resolve or narrow the areas of conflict.  Most civil disputes are resolved without filing a lawsuit, and most civil lawsuits are resolved without a trial. The courts and others offer a variety of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes to help people resolve disputes without a trial...

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Dispute Resolution Parties

process, alternative dispute resolution, known as ADR is a more flexible, less expensive, not as time consuming, and confidential process. There are several forms of alternative dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, negotiation, conciliation, mini-trial, fact-finding and utilizing a judicial referee. Arbitration and mediation are similar to where it is a form of negotiation and a neutral party settles the dispute. Negotiation is where the two parties negotiate to settle the dispute. A mini-trial is...

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Alternate Dispute Resolution at Darden Restaurants and Hooters of America

ADR at Darden Restaurants and Hooters of America More companies are turning to alternate dispute resolution (ADR) as an alterative to the judicial system for settling employee disputes. There are some clear advantages and disadvantages to ADR for both employers and employees. The best-designed ADR programs are those that are fair and impartial. A good ADR program should seek to find the best possible outcome for both parties while saving time and money and preserving relationships. The least...

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Labour Disputes Case

Labour Disputes: A look at the TKM unrest Introduction: Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited (TKM) was a joint venture, established in 1997, between Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), Japan’s largest car company and the second-largest car manufacturer in the world, and the Kirloskar Group of India. Toyota holds an 89% equity stake and while the Kirloskar Group holds the remaining 11%. Toyota has over 400 acres of land in its Bidadi plant and less than half of the land has been utilised...

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Qantas Case Study, Qantas Dispute

QANTAS DISPUTE On October 22nd, 2001, the Industrial dispute between QANTAS and its employees was initiated with the offering of a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. This proposed an 18-month wage freeze for employees plus a sliding scale profit share scheme. Ten out of twelve unions under QANTAS accepted the terms of the agreement, barring the unions of manufacturing employees (AWU and AMWU). They were holding out for a 4-6% pay rise. On the 8th May 2002, some ten months later, the dispute was resolved...

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Mediation and Conflict Resolution Dulce

Gabryel Bell MGMT 568 Conflict Resolution Dulce Pena October 15, 2012 Mediation In a world of constant conflict, there are needs for a concrete method of coming to an agreement. When people find it increasingly difficult to see eye to eye and where intractability has no limits, as a people, we must understand that to progress, to mature, and most importantly to have our needs met, it is important that our issues be resolved within a constructive context. Although there have been many options...

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Conflict Resolution

from having negative effects to resulting in positive effects? Numerous researchers have suggested a collaborative style of management is the most effective in positively harnessing conflict. Both compromise and collaboration styles of conflict resolution can result in a favorable outcome for an organization. Collaboration involves all parties working together for a unified and compatible goal. Cahn and Abigail (2007) have said that a compromise results in a situation in which no one person wins...

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Conflict Identification And Resolution

 Conflict Identification and Resolution Following the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines Ieashia S. Burr Ashford University Abstract This paper will explore team building and conflict resolution that are presented in organizational atmospheres and approaches on how to mitigate it. Conflict is often unavoidable in team settings. Individuals are composed of various beliefs, ideas and values which can conflict with a project, a decision or goal. In order to strengthen productivity...

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Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking

PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE THIS PAPER............... Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking Peace is mutually beneficial relationship, which has low levels of aggression and hostility. Peacemaking is an effort to resolve parties in conflict. Before peacemaking has an influence on a situation there needs to be a conflict. One such conflict is the Iraq War. A group of people make camps in the war zones helping the people fight against the war, by developing relationships and giving a sense...

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conflict resolution

 CONFLICT RESOLUTION Conflict in any organization and for that matter the public school system is inevitable. Public school system seems to encourage and respect differing viewpoints of teachers, staff and parents and this invariably produces a fertile ground for conflict to occur. Usually, conflict erupts between people due to different values, personalities, opinions, goals, and needs (Egeland,2013). However, conflict is not always a bad thing. Healthy organizations which are characterized by...

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Team Dynamics - Conflict Resolution Strategies

Team Dynamics - Conflict Resolution Strategies Iesha M. Wolfe University of Phoenix Team Dynamics - Conflict Resolution Strategies People work in groups or teams everyday whether in their career, education, political organization, church, or any other social setting. Conflict while working in teams or groups is inevitable. When taking people of different backgrounds, personalities, moral, and ethical beliefs and putting them together in a group conflict whether negative or positive will...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Effects of Action in Processing Cases Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) also known as additional dispute resolution, is a name given to the various methods employed to resolve disputes that do not involve a courtroom trial. Individuals and organizations recognize the financial cost and divisiveness of courtroom trials and hence resort to alternative dispute resolution as a means of solving disputes. Many times, lawyers discourage their clients from going to trial and instead...

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Labor Disputes

“Labor Disputes” includes any controversy or matter concerning terms or conditions of employment or the association or representation of persons in negotiating, fixing, maintaining, changing or arranging the terms and d conditions of employment, regardless or whether the disputants stand in the proximate relation of employer and employee. (Art. 212) Remedies in Labor Disputes A. Grievance Procedure—in-house adjustment of complaint, problem, or dispute following the steps prescribed in CBA or company...

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conflict and resolution paper

Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking Paper Stella Cook March 4, 2013 Psychology 400 Nicolette Nance, PhD, LMHC University of Phoenix, College of Social Science Conflict resolution and peacemaking in youth, how can we as adults talk to our youth of today and make them see that violence is not the answer...

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The Many Dimensions of Conflict and Resolution

 The Many Dimensions of Conflict and Resolution Abstract In today’s society, the word conflict can carry quite a negative connotation. It is a very rare occasion indeed, that this word can conjure feelings of positivity or purpose. Oftentimes, conflict is perceived as something that should be avoided at all costs in the pursuit of tranquil exchanges and composed conversation. Warm smiles are exchanged and happy dispositions follow with dreamy glances of...

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Team Building Exercise for Conflict Resolution

Team Building Exercise for Conflict Resolution Name Organizational Behavior Class Number Instructor Date Team Building Exercise for Conflict Resolution Within the world’s largest oil and gas metal tubular manufacturing facility, metrics were maintained in all aspects of the business to include; production, safety, quality, logistics, budget, etc. Historically, the 200 acre facility, with 30 or so departments, 40 buildings and an average 800 plus employees prided itself on its production...

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Conflict resolution

 Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking PSY/400 When I think of the term conflict, it would be a disagreement between individuals or even members of a community, group or country. While some conflicts can be over trivial things, others can lead to possible wars, riots and even violence. Being in a society where every individual is entitled to their own opinions and moral values, conflicts can arise very easily. As we are constantly interacting with others through society, it can cause...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION KRISTAL COBB LAW & ETHICS FOR MANAGERS This report will discuss the different processed for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Types of ADR Negotiation This form of ADR is give and take. The parties involved engage in discussions in order to come to terms with each other (Bagley & Savage, 2010). Negotiations can either take place to ensure future relations are positive – this is referred to transactional...

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Assess the Arguments for and Against Alternative Dispute Resolution in Civil Justice

UNIVERSITY OF LONDON COMMON LAW REASONING AND INSTITUTIONS ESSAY: Assess the arguments for and against alternative dispute resolution in civil justice SUBMITTED BY: 38715 Md. Akram Uddin 090323580 Contents 1. Introduction 2. Problem with court hearings: * Time and money; * The adversarial process; * Inflexible; * Technical cases; * Publicity; 3. ADR mechanisms: * Arbitration; ...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Analyze the Method of Alternative Dispute Resolutions

alternative dispute resolutions. An outline of the various forms is provided as well as a discussion of the methods used in two dispute cases relating to a borrower and an employee. In this paper I will also discuss alternative dispute resolution methods to be used in solving disputes in the current learning team environment. “ To avoid or reduce these problems, businesses are increasingly turning to methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and other aids to resolving disputes” (Chessman...

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What was the main defect of the Trade Dispute Act, 1929?

The Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 makes provision for the investigation and settlement of disputes that may hamper the peace of the industry. It ensures harmony and cordial relationship between the employers and employees. The Act provides self-contained code to compel the parties to resort to industrial arbitration for the resolution of disputes. It also provides statutory norms besides helping in the maintaining of cordial relation among the employers and employees ,reflecting socio-economic justice...

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Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict ResolutionPaper 10/9/10 Conflict resolution and relationship skills should go hand in hand. Learning conflict resolution skills means learning productive, effective, and non-destructive ways to face, cope with, and resolve conflict in all areas of life. This entails conflict in one’s personal and professional life. Relationship skills pertain to all the relationships in our lives- family, friends, spouses, coworkers and acquaintances...

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Dispute Resolution Methods

parties are encouraged to settle their dispute by a mediator. In conciliation, a conciliator takes up the responsibility of settling the dispute by identifying objectives of one another. There are several similarities and differences in the use of these alternative dispute resolution techniques. The object should be at the time of referring the dispute to resolve the dispute. In recent times, there is a growing trend in the world to use alternative dispute resolution techniques instead of using traditional...

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Conflict Resolution Plan

Ryan Jensen 624X Leadership Interactions Class 7 Conflict Resolution Plan Version 1.0: August 24,2010 Conflict Resolution Plan Step One: Set the Scene Make sure that people understand that the conflict may be a mutual problem, which may be best resolved through discussion and negotiation rather than through raw aggression. If you are involved in the conflict, emphasize the fact that you are presenting your perception of the problem. Use active listening skills to ensure you hear and...

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Conflict Resolution & Peacemaking

Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking Student Truancy: Issues and Solutions Psy/400 – Social Psychology July 26, 2010 Student Truancy – Issues and Solutions The article I chose to address is titled “Reaching Out to Youth Out of the Education Mainstream” (Ingersol & LeBoeuf, 1997). The subjects are the issues of student truancy, the effects on educational institutions, society, and effects on the truant youth. The stated conflict is one of finding a way to address student truancy that supports...

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Achieving justice

Although de facto relationships are not legally binding unlike marriages, the Australian legal system still has means to govern over disputes that arise over separation. The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) (FLA) is the main body of legislation that oversees matters relating to disputes arising from relationship breakdowns particularly property and methods of resolving disputes. Other issues that emerge from relationship breakdowns may also relate to wills and property. Wills A will is a document that states...

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Alternatve Dispute Resolution

 Felicia Myles Alternative Dispute Resolution Belhaven University Negotiation is one of the most general approaches used to formulate decisions and handle disputes. If negotiations are unsuccessful, it is essential to search for assistance of a neutral third party to facilitate a resolution. Going to court is not the way to handle disputes. With the expensive costs, long delays, and loss of confidentiality involved in going to court, people are turning to more efficient methods...

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Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation

that CadMex will license their technology and provide expertise. In return, Gentura will give CadMex the global marketing rights to the anti-diabetic agent that Gentura has developed. Analysis of selecting the proper forum and venue for dispute resolution Choice of Law - Candorean regulations for technology import contracts (CRTIC). The advantage of Candorean regulations (CTRIC) over Contracts for international sale of goods (CISG) is that CRTIC is enforceable as it is a local law. Additionally...

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Conflict Identification And Resolution

 Conflict Identification and Resolution Alysia Rodgers Business 610: Organizational Behavior Dr. Vanessa Washington March 8th, 2015 According to Baack (2012), conflict can have a definition of a circumstance in which one party seeks to negatively affect another party (Baack 2012, chapter 7, section 3). Baack (2012) also stated, “Someone can believe that there is conflict, however it might be impossible to point out as an observable situation that occurred (Baack, 2012, chapter...

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Team A Week Four Conflict Resolution

 Conflict Resolution Team A Rajeshwari Banda, Alexandria Coon, Maria Valles, Lisabeth Jeffries, Stephen R. Brockelman LDR/531 October 22, 2014 Michael Sawyer Introduction Conflict is something that is bound to happen even with groups, family and friends. Understanding what causes conflict and ways to resolve conflict are important for relationships, especially in business. Communication styles, barriers and the conflict and negotiation process...

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Arbitration Is More Suited to Resolving Commercial Disputes Than the Courts?”

“Arbitration is more suited to resolving commercial disputes than the courts?” Arbitration is a method of settlement where a third party is brought in to analyse a dispute and impose a decision that is legally binding for both groups involved. Both sides put forth their problem and the arbitrator reviews all the circumstances and makes a decision based on all relevant information. It has been traced back and related to Brehon Law and stands...

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general Management

analyze the case? Ans: Dispute settlement: Dispute settlement therefore refers to the working out of a mutually satisfactory agreement between the parties involved. Dispute settlement is primarily concerned with upholding established social norms (of right and wrong) and is aimed at bringing the dispute to an end, without necessarily dealing with its fundamental causes..Thus, although the particular dispute might be settled permanently, another similar or related dispute may arise again later...

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Week 4 Assignment Conflict Resolution 1

 Conflict Resolution Tamekki Davis, Lora K, Tony Looney, Chiquita Mack, Joshua Timmons LDR/531 Jorge Pedroza June 7, 2015 Conflict Resolution As a manager, you will encounter situations that may not be very comfortable to confront and resolve. Situations such as gossip, employees who are difficult to deal with or who are dissatisfied, and stress on the job are just a few problems that may require a manage to resolve conflict in the workplace. A negative attitude that starts with one employee...

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Third Party Conflict Resolution Paper

major negotiation intervention strategies we will choose to find a solution to our conflict. We will start by introducing our concerns with the companies in conflict. The article we are to discuss is Negotiation Strategies and Contract Conflict Resolution, and it introduces Pacific Oil Company and Reliant Manufacturing. Pacific Oil is very clear that it wishes to sign a long-term contract with its customer, Reliant Manufacturing. Because Pacific thought this would be a quick “sign on the dotted...

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Industrial Dispute Settlement Machinery: Conciliation, Voluntary Arbitration, Court of Inquiry and Adjudication

INRTODUCTION:   Industrial Dispute Settlement Machinery has been provided under the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947.It provides a legalistic way of settling the disputes. This machinery comprises following organs:- a) CONCILIATION b) VOLUNTARY ARBITRATION c) COURT OF INQUIRY d) ADJUDICATION CONSILATION: 1. Conciliation is the ³practice by which the services of the neutral party are used in a dispute as a means of helping the disputing parties to reduce the extent of their differences...

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Distribution Risk Analysis West Africa

negotiating a contract safeguards agreement on terms of the transaction. Equally important, where something does go wrong, a written agreement will usually help. It is crucial to settle which country’s laws will regulate. Moreover, risks and dispute resolution options should be identified within the agreement. Important risks to consider in the drafting of a distribution agreement include territorial constraints, stability of country, influence of culture, religion, politics, conflict of laws, and...

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Cross Cultural Negotiation in Germany

Attitude of Negotiating: Unlike Indians, Germans believe in arriving at a win-win proposition. They tend to start negotiating respecting the other party and with a sense of trust, which they expect to be reciprocated. Interestingly, except for dispute resolution, any form a negotiation for a German is a joint problem solving activity rather and they expect both the parties to be involved equally in arriving at the solution. Many a times, a German would concentrate on dwelling over the technical aspects...

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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution and Organizational Behavior Learning Team Abstract Unions were developed to represent the workers and ensure that they were provided fair compensation and good working conditions. Although laws were created to provide these things over the years, unions still play a major role in business by resolving disputes, grievances and other conflict. Despite the benefits, union actions have also been associated with many company closures and the loss of jobs. The negative and positive...

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Week 1 Role and Functions of Business Law and Society

and instinctual rejection. However, having laws in place facilitates the discussion and resolutions of disputes. In business these resolutions can become very costly to the business, but through methods of dispute resolutions such as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) businesses may remedy the dispute without going through legal battles in a court system. The same applies for disputes in society, as disputes arise, having a guide and understanding of the law allows separate parties to come to a...

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hsc economics topic 4 notes

Dispute resolution Dispute resolution is also another major role the industrial relations system plays in the labour force Disputes can lead to different forms of action both covert and overt For many years in Aus, the process for resolving dispute was based on specialized industrial tribunals which included conciliation and arbitration. Now employees and employers opt for negotiation before any other. Under the Fair Work Act, Fair Work Australia only intervene in resolving disputes when:...

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The Labour Relations Commission and the Labour Court

act, and was operational in 1991. It’s general responsibility being the promotion of good industrial relations brought about through a large range of services they provide which are designed to promote best practise, and to help prevent and resolve disputes. There are at present eight rights commissioners appointed by the Minister for Enterprise, trade and employment. The Labour relations commission works in different ways to aid the improvement of industrial relations. Some of these are as follows...

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Integrative Bargaining

your objectives.  References: Colleen Hanycz, T. F. (2008). The Theory and Practice of Representative Negotiation. Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publication. Desmond Ellis, E. A. (2005). Conflict Resolution. Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publications. Julie Macfarlane, J. M. (2003). Dispute Resolution. Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publications. Kantola-Productions (Director). (1997). The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating [Motion Picture]. Lewicki, R. B. (2007). Essentials of Negotiation. New...

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Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation Summary

Through choosing certain contract clauses, I was to create the best outcome either short-term or long-term for CadMex during each scenario presented to me. What are the issues involved in resolving legal disputes in international transactions? When resolving legal disputes in international transactions, the issues involved should include international arbitration. International laws and cultural differences vary so there is an importance for a reputable third party to facilitate binding...

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Effectiveness of International Law

being an effective tool for the resolution of international disputes. Timely resolutions and unbiased resolutions are factors that determine effective dispute resolution. The definition and concept of international law, effective aspects of international law, and certain limitations of international law will be discussed in this essay. Furthermore, case studies will be provided to support the argument and to demonstrate the procedures of resolving international disputes. Definition and Concept of...

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Project Management Conflict Resolution Case Study Analysis

Project Management Conflict Resolution Case Analysis Overview: Shirley was the manager of new products division at an e-commerce company. She and Maggie, one of her team members, interviewed Jesse for a new position on their project team. Maggie did not feel Jesse was the right fit for the position and strongly opposed his candidature. Shirley felt differently and hired Jesse. Six months after Jesse was hired, Shirley left the project to start her own company and recommended that Jesse and Maggie...

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The Role of Forensic Accountants in the Development of Judicial Process

Such analysis will form the basis for discussion, debate and dispute resolution In my view, forensic accounting is that aspect of accounting that provides an accounting analysis that is suitable to the organization in resolving disputes that arises in the organization. Forensic accountants utilize accounting, auditing and investigative skills while conducting an investigation. These accountants are trained to look into the dispute in a number of ways. They often retain to analyze, interpret...

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A Civil Action Term Paper

another in the context of a real world setting. His book provides an engaging read about the legal practice action while connecting the topics of the relationship between law, business, and ethics; the court system and litigation; alternative dispute resolution; and the nature of the corporation. A Civil Action complements the material learned in class, and it helps to create an overall cohesiveness between the topics learned in class that we taught disjointedly but in great detail. Law and ethics...

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Conflict in the Workplace

questioned circumstance. Conflict can run from inviting rivalry to great roughness. Conflict has several starting points before it becomes an issue; it starts with conflict within the workplace, different levels of conflict, resolution for conflict, and the outcome from the resolution of conflict. Conflicts at Work When you work in an environment with numerous egos it is hard not to clash with each one in turn. Individuals who procure inner selves to perform an occupation title or who pick up a self...

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Contract Creation and Management Simulation

Cincinnati Legal Environment of Business Judge Jim P. Ponder July 2, 2000 Contract Creation and Management Simulation The simulation begins in the middle of a major dispute between a software-developing company, Span Systems, and one of its customers, Citizen-Schwartz AG (C-S), a large German bank. The two companies are in dispute over the quality and timeliness of deliverables. There have been major bugs found by C-S during testing and are worried about Span not fulfilling the one-year contract...

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