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Com 215 Final Grammar Test

REVIEW NOTES FOR FINAL GRAMMAR QUIZ English 170/1 – Joe Benge Here is an outline of the content of your final grammar quiz. Correct all the examples in each section and bring this sheet to the next class. Questions 1-6 FINDING SUBJECTS AND VERBS On the answer sheet, for each of these sentences, write the main subject(s) in the first blank and the main verb(s) in the second blank. Careful – beware of prepositional phrases or dependent clauses that might lurk in between the real subject and...

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Case Study Com/215

April; it was Carl’s hopes that he would have the hires working by July. The second week in May, Monica contacted Carl about the training schedule, letting him know it takes a lot of time to get the training schedule, policy booklets, manuals, drug test, physicals and many other areas scheduled. Carl would have to coordinate these tasks for the new employees before the new hire orientation; the orientation was dated for June 15. After Memorial Day, Carl looked over the new trainee files; the orientation...

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Types of Grammar Test

Types of grammar test 1. Paraphrase These require the students to write a sentence equivalent in meaning to one that is given. It is helpful to give part of the paraphrase in order to restrict the students to the grammatical structure being tested. Paraphrasing ________________________________________ After choosing the best paraphrase, click on the button to check your answer. 1. Fatma worried about passing the very difficult test. a. Receiving a passing grade on the difficult exam concerned...

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COM 215 Week 9 Capstone Discussion Question

contains COM 215 Week 9 Capstone Discussion Question Communications - General Communications XCOM100 / X COM 100 / Week 1 DQs XCOM100 / X COM 100 / Week 2 CheckPoint: Stereotypes Paper XCOM100 / X COM 100 / Week 2 Assignment: Self-Esteem Worksheet and Response Paper XCOM100 / X COM 100 / Week 3 DQs XCOM100 / X COM 100 / Week 4 CheckPoint: Interpersonal Communication Worksheet XCOM100 / X COM 100 / Week 5 CheckPoint: Group Member Worksheet XCOM100 / X COM 100 / Week...

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COM 220 Entire Course

file of COM 220 Entire Course comprises: COM-220 Grammar Exercise 1.pdf COM-220 Grammar Exercise 2.pdf COM-220 Grammar Exercise 3.pdf COM-220 WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT.doc COM-220 WEEK 1 CHECKPOINT.doc COM-220 WEEK 2 DQS.doc COM-220 WEEK 2 CHECKPOINT.doc COM-220 Week 3 Annotated Bibliography.doc COM-220 WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENT.doc COM-220 WEEK 4 CHECKPOINT.doc COM-220 WEEK 4 DQS.doc COM-220 WEEK 5 ASSIGNMENT.doc COM-220 WEEK 5 CHECKPOINT.doc COM-220 WEEK...

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English Grammar Test

WEEK 7 TEST--9th NAME: __________________________________________ DATE:__________________ 1.______________ A story about extraordinary deeds that has been retold for generations. They are often about a person with historical basis, but may also contain elements of magic and myth. 2.______________ Popular narratives (stories) describing adventures of knights and heroes. Its primary purpose is to celebrate the ideals of chivalry (the medieval knight code). 3.______________ Traditional...

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Com 200 Final Paper

 Letter for Couples who get Engage Joseph D. Plante COM 200 Jennifer Williams November 25, 2013 Letter for Couples who get Engage I. Introduction A. Thesis Statement Have you ever just looked and seen the love of your life? You stop and realize that this is the one for me. That the journey is over, I can stop looking. And then you stop and realize…Is this the one? Well I have only one question to ask you, how are the communication skills the you relay to each...

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Syllabus Grammar 2

AND ARTS EDUCATION UNIVERSITAS PENDIDIKAN INDONESIA Course : Grammar II (Sentence Structure) Code : IG 400 Semester : 2 Credit : 2 Credits Instructors : Rojab Siti Rodliyah, M.Ed. 1. Objectives At the end of the semester, students are able to: a. Identify the English sentence structures b. Use the structures in acceptable expressions both orally and in writing 2. Course Description This course covers some basic theories on grammar that includes phrases, clauses, sentence fragments, as well...

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Chapter 4 Test of Grammar and Usage

Chapter 4 TEST OF GRAMMAR AND USAGE Most common types of objective tests 1. Multiple choice items 2. error – recognition 3. rearrangement items 4. completion items 5. transformation items 6. items involving the changing of words 7. ‘ broken sentence’ items 8. pairing and matching items 9. combination items 10. additional items The goal: testing ability to recognize and produce the correct forms of language ( rather than the ability to use L in actual and purposeful tasks of communication) ...

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COM 285 Final Exam A

This document of COM 285 Final Exam A includes answers to the next questions: 1. Susan Rojas is applying for a position in the marketing department of a local corporation. Although Greg Ellis is the director of this department, she has been instructed to send her resume and other documents to Jeff Cohen, manager of the human resources department. Jeff screens all applications before sending those of qualified candidates on to appropriate department heads. Jeff is: 2. Tara Houser e-mails a colleague...

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