COM 215 Week 2 Communication Strategies

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This paperwork of COM 215 Week 2 Appendix B Communication Strategies comprises: Use the table below to compare and contrast strategies you might use to communicate with the audiences in Scenario 1 and Scenario 2. Enter your answers in the table below. The cells will expand to accommodate your content. Use the Tab key to move from one cell to the next. Communications - General Communications

Organizational Strategies . As Chapter Ten of our text, Technical Communication, tells us, partition and classification are two ways of dividing a subject. Classification divides and groups subjects that have some similarities into categories; partition divides one subject into parts. Subjects can be classified and partitioned in many different ways, depending upon the characteristic(s) the writer thinks is important.

Assume that you are shopping for a laptop computer. Shop an Internet site and classify the laptops you find there into three or four categories. Then select one category and find three laptops that fit that category. Partition each of these laptops using three or four different features that are important to you (For example, you could use size of laptop, number of features, etc.). In your paper, list the categories of laptops you created and the features of the laptops you partitioned. Include one paragraph in which you discuss what you learned from this exercise. Your paper should include title and references pages, and be formatted according to A.P.A. style guidelines. For information regarding A.P.A. formatting, visit the Ashford Writing Center by following the link under the Learning Resources tab in the left navigation of the online course.

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