Types of Grammar Test

Topics: Human Genome Project, DNA, Milk Pages: 4 (947 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Types of grammar test
These require the students to write a sentence equivalent in meaning to one that is given. It is helpful to give part of the paraphrase in order to restrict the students to the grammatical structure being tested. Paraphrasing

After choosing the best paraphrase, click on the button to check your answer. 1.Fatma worried about passing the very difficult test.
a. Receiving a passing grade on the difficult exam concerned Fatma. b. Fatma was worried about receiving good marks on the test, which was very hard. 2.Three issues are especially crucial to understanding the possible uses of the human genome. a. Three things are especially crucial to understanding the possible uses of the human genome. b. Understanding potential uses of the human genome is linked to three vital issues. 3.While most people are aware of such medical possibilities, they are less aware of the fact that genes can also uncover a great deal about humankind's history and culture. a. Many persons are aware of such medical possibilities, but they are less knowledgeable about people's history and culture. b. Most people know that genes are linked to potential medical advances.However, what they do not realize is genes can also tell us about a society and its past. 4.On June 26 Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, and Craig Venter, head of Celera Genomics, announced that they had completed thereading of a "rough draft" of the human genome - the complete set of human DNA. a. On June 26 two scientists stated they had finished the initial reading of the human genome. b. It was announced by two researched that they had read the first reading of the complete set of human DNA. 5.The fact that adult Europeans are twice as likely as Asians to tolerate lactose in milk reflects a much longer history of dairy farming in the West. a. In comparison to Europeans, adult Asians have an inability to tolerate lactose in...
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