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Practice questions for Genomics and Proteomics, Comparative Genomics, and Bioinformatics 1. Which of the following are pyrimidines? A. Adenine and Thymine B. Cytosine and Thymine C. Cysteine and Guanine

D. Cytosine and Guanine 2. Which of the following is not static in an organism? A. Transcriptome B. Proteome C. Chromosome number D. A and B E. None of the above 3. Transcriptomics relates to which of the following statement? A. What CAN happen

B. What APPEARS to happen C. What MAKES it happen D. What HAS happened 4. Study of a protein and its structure and functions is called Proteomics A. True B. False 5. Having a large percentage of the genome coding for genes makes humans more complicated than other organisms A. True B. False 6. The field that is concerned with the management and analysis of biological data using computers A. statistics B. genomics C. bioinformatics D. proteomics 7. Which of the following RNA codes for a protein A. mRNA B. tRNA C. ncRNA D. rRNA E. All of the above

8. Synonymous mutations are due to

A. Degeneracy of the genetic code B. Ambiguity of the genetic code C. Both A and B D. Neither A and B 9. Genetic code is inherently _______________ A. Ambiguous B.

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