Genographic Project

Topics: Spencer Wells, Human, Genetics Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: September 11, 2006
The global societies that inhabit the Earth in today's modern time, are theorized to all be genetically linked to a single African female, believed to have lived 60,000 years ago. This extraordinary finding has inspired a global project to unveil the migration journey of the homo sapien (Man).

The project, led by the National Geographic society, IBM, geneticist Specer Wells, and the Waitt Family Foundation have worked at mapping the origins of Man, and his global journey through time, of his arrival into modern society. This process consists of sophisticated computer analysis of contributed DNA of traditional and general public global societies, resulting in a catastrophic attempt to unveil man's global and genetic journey throughout time, linking the genetic differences that created today's mankind,(National

Geneticist Spencer Wells (Project Director of The Geographic Project) has teamed with Terry D. Garcia, (Executive Vice President of Mission Programs of National Geographic) to establish to help the expansion of the project. The Geographic Legacy Fund with continued contributions will embark on the continuance of empowering indigenous and traditional people on a local level, while raising awareness globally of their challenges and pressures affecting these communities, (National

The Genographic mission to initiate education in cultural conservation, linguistic preservation and revitalization on a global sense is a compilation of field research, public participation, an awareness campaign, and the Genographic Legacy Project. The field research consists of a collection of blood samples of traditional, indigenous cultures that have been genetically unaltered over hundreds of generations. According to Wells, this is the key to the migratory pattern of ancient populations. The awareness program allows volunteers to track their individual genetic migratory history, as well as provides up to date scientific...

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