A Farewell To Arms


Chapter 13 to Chapter 24

Chapter 13 Summary

In Milan, Henry is greeted by a confused elderly nurse who has just been gotten out of bed. She says that the hospital is not ready for him, but Henry, in great pain, orders the ambulance drivers to take him to a room. The bed has no sheets on it, but he falls asleep anyway. In the morning, a pretty young nurse named Miss Gage tends to Henry. He also meets the hospital superintendent, Miss Van Campen, a stern woman who refuses to bring Henry wine with his meals. He pays a porter to bring him newspapers and wine, which he stashes under the bed.

Chapter 14 Summary

Miss Gage discovers the wine bottle under Henry’s bed, and says he should have invited her to have a drink with him. She says that Miss Barkley has arrived at the hospital. Henry requests that a barber be brought in to give him a shave. The Italian barber, who mistakenly believes that Henry is Austrian, is hostile toward him. Catherine comes to Henry’s room, and they profess their love for each other and then make love in Henry’s hospital bed.

Chapter 15 Summary

A doctor painstakingly removes several bits of shrapnel from Henry’s leg and then sends him for an X-ray. Later in Henry’s room, three doctors tell him that he must wait six months for surgery if he wishes to keep his leg. Sarcastically, Henry says that he would rather have his leg amputated. Henry requests a second opinion, saying he can’t stand the thought of being in bed for that long. Dr. Valentini, a garrulous and very confident Italian doctor, examines Henry and says that he will do the operation the following morning.

Chapter 16 Summary

That night, Catherine sleeps in Henry’s room with him. Henry is concerned about someone finding them together, but Catherine promises that everyone is asleep. The next morning, she preps him for surgery. He wants her to be on duty in his room that night so they can sleep together again, but she says he will not be worried about...

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