A Farewell To Arms


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Chapter 33 Summary

In Milan, Henry gets a cup of coffee. The owner of the shop sees that Henry is in trouble and offers to help. Henry refuses, saying he’s in no trouble. The shop owner assures Henry that he is a friend, and advises him to get new clothing because it is obvious that he is a deserter from the army. Henry goes to the hospital in search of Catherine, only to find that she is on holiday in Stresa. Henry visits Simmons, an opera student he had befriended, and Simmons gives him civilian clothes in which he can travel safely.

Chapter 34 Summary

On the train to Stresa, Henry decides that he has made his own separate peace from the war. He gets a hotel room in Stresa and visits the hotel bar, where the bartender mentions that there are two English nurses in town. He tells Henry which hotel they are staying in. After eating, Henry goes to the hotel and finds Catherine and Helen eating in the dining room. Catherine is delighted to see him, but Helen is angry with him for getting Catherine pregnant. She chastises him, and then dissolves into tears. Catherine and Henry spend a beautiful night together. Henry is inwardly haunted by the feeling that the world deals out death and misfortune to good people and bad, indiscriminately. The next day, Catherine wonders about Henry’s escape. He tells her that he can’t talk about it yet, but will tell her one day. They discuss escaping to Switzerland, which is neutral and where Henry will not be treated like a criminal.

Chapter 35 Summary

That day, Henry goes fishing with the bartender Emilio, who offers Henry the loan of his boat. Henry promises Catherine that he will be kind to Helen, who Catherine says is lonely and sad, and they have a pleasant lunch with her. At the hotel, Henry runs into an old acquaintance, the elderly Count Greffi. They are happy to see one another, and play billiards together while talking about the war, life and religion.

Chapter 36 Summary

In the middle...

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