Farewell to Arms

Topics: Woman, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Roxane Noffra
Mr. Livingston
Task 2

In Farewell to arms, written by Hemingway, we can appreciate how the (Henry) protagonist grew due to his relationship with Catherine and his experiences in war. His growth represents a genre convention: a typical development in the characters, overall in the protagonists.

At the beginning of this book, Henry is characterized as being a drunken, womanizer fascinated with the nightlife; in fact, when he knew Catherine, he considered her just as another adventure, as the women he used to meet in the brothel. In chapter 3, it’s easy to noticed how Henry indulged the temptation preferring to drink and having fun with girls, just for pleasure, without getting involved in a serious relationship “ . . . and the strange excitement of waking and no knowing who it was with you . . .” (pag.13).

Through his best friend Rinaldi, Henry met Catherine, the woman that will influence his changed. She was a mature woman, a woman that had a fiancée who died in a battle before they could get married; In fact, she had a different perspective of war from Henry’s point of view, she was more realistic about it instead Henry was not even interesting in the war, he did not really know why he joined the war effort. However, as his experiences in war intensify, he became deeply pessimistic about the war. However, he realizes that his love for Catherine is the only thing he is willing to commit himself to, considering her as his religion.

One of the relevant developments of Henry character is how his point of view toward war changed. On chapter 5 the difference between Catherine and Henry’s point of view is highlighted through their conversation in which Catherine looks more mature and realistic “ . . . Let’s drop the war.” Henry said, Catherine answered, “It’s very hard. There’s not place to drop it” but on chapter 9 when Henry had more experience and is in love with Catherine his point of view changed, when he responded to...
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