A Farewell To Arms


Cast of Characters

Lieutenant Frederic Henry - protagonist and narrator of the novel. Henry is an American volunteer in the Italian ambulance corps during World War I whose life is transformed when he falls in love with Catherine Barkley.

Catherine Barkley - a British nurse whose fiancé has died in the war. She meets Henry, the two fall in love, and she becomes pregnant. She bleeds to death at the end of the novel after delivering their stillborn child.

Rinaldi - a witty Italian surgeon who is both Henry's roommate and his very good friend. Rinaldi is an excellent doctor, depressed by the war, who spends his free time drinking and pursuing women.

Helen Ferguson - a Scottish nurse and Catherine's good friend. She is angry with Henry when she finds out that Catherine is pregnant, but she ultimately wishes them both happiness.

The Priest - a devout young chaplain assigned to Henry’s unit. Many of the officers make fun of him, but Henry likes him and they often have long conversations about life, spirituality and the war.

Passini, Bonello, Manera, Gordini, Gavuzzi, Aymo and Piani - Italian ambulance drivers in Henry’s unit.

Mrs. Walker - an elderly nurse at the American hospital in Milan.

Miss Gage - a young American nurse who tends to Henry during his recovery and sometimes drinks with him.

Miss Van Campen - the head nurse at the Milan hospital. She dislikes Henry, and insists that his bout of jaundice was brought on by drinking too much.

Dr. Valentini - the skilled and friendly Italian surgeon who repairs Henry’s knee in Milan.

Meyers - an American expatriate who often attends the horse races in Milan with his wife.

Ettore Moretti - an Italian-American soldier fighting in the Italian Army. His boasting and pursuit of glory and honor contrast starkly with...

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