A Farewell To Arms


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Chapter 7 Summary

The next afternoon, Henry picks up an American soldier fighting in the Italian army. The soldier has an obvious hernia, and he tells Henry that he got rid of his hernia support truss in an effort to avoid being sent back to the front. Henry comes up with a plan to help the man: He tells him to fall on the ground and injure his head. This way, he will have to be taken to the hospital. In his room, Henry’s thoughts turn to the Italian offensive that is supposed to begin in two days. He daydreams about making love to Catherine in a Milan hotel. He plans to visit her that night, but he gets very drunk at dinner in the mess hall. Rinaldi gives him some coffee beans to sober up and walks him to the British hospital. By the time he arrives, it is too late to see Catherine. Henry goes back to his room, feeling lonely.

Chapter 8 Summary

There is an attack planned for the next evening. Henry has to drive his ambulance across the river to Pavla in preparation. He stops at the British hospital to tell Catherine he’s being sent out, and she gives him a medal of St. Anthony for protection.

Chapter 9 Summary

Henry and his ambulance drivers arrive at Pavla, where a major takes them to a dugout across the river from the enemy. Huddled in the dugout, Henry and his men talk about the war and how it will end. Henry suggests that matters would be worse if the Italians pulled out of the war, but his driver Passini says that the war will go on forever unless someone gives up. Henry and Gordini go out briefly for some food. While the men are eating, the Austrian bombardment begins. The dugout is hit by a trench mortar, killing Passini and injuring Gordini and Henry. The other drivers carry Henry to a dressing station, where his wounded leg is treated. He is then loaded into an ambulance full of wounded men and driven to the hospital.

Chapter 10 Summary

Henry lies in his bed in the field hospital, in pain. Rinaldi comes to visit,...

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