A Farewell To Arms


Chapter 38 to Chapter 41

Chapter 38 Summary

Henry and Catherine take a house in Montreux, an idyllic Swiss village. They spend a peaceful, happy winter there, dining in the local restaurants and cafes and curling up in bed before a roaring fire. Catherine drinks frequently, saying that the doctor advised her to do so because it will keep the baby small. Her doctor has told her that her narrow hips will make delivery difficult if the child is too large. They daydream about their wedding, which Catherine insists must wait until her figure is back to normal, and about sightseeing in America. Just before Christmas, it begins to snow heavily. Catherine worries that Henry is becoming bored. He assures her he is not, but says that he does sometimes think about Rinaldi and the other men whom he served with. Catherine, hoping to introduce some variety to their routine, asks Henry to grow a beard. She also talks about cutting her own hair short, but Henry does not want her to.

Chapter 39 Summary

A month or so later, Henry has grown a full beard, which Catherine likes. They talk about how much they enjoy being alone together, and wonder how having the child around will change things for them. Again, Catherine talks about cutting her hair, saying she wants Henry to find her exciting and to fall in love with her again. Henry assures her that he already loves her so much that he could not possibly love her more.

Chapter 40 Summary

In the spring, they decide to move closer to the hospital since Catherine is expected to deliver the baby soon. They stay in a hotel in Lausanne. Catherine buys clothes for the baby, and they prepare for the impending birth.

Chapter 41 Summary

After about three weeks in Lausanne, Catherine goes into labor early in the morning. They go to the hospital, and at first everything seems normal. Catherine sends Henry out to eat breakfast, saying that the nurse is taking good care of her. She is in the delivery room when Henry returns. Catherine’s pain is...

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