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There are No Limits to Growth

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche
Founder of the Club of Life

Dear Reader,
The Club of Life was founded on Oct. 22, 1982 in Rome, Wiesbaden, and many other cities around the world, and today, a year later, is already an anti-Malthusian mass movement in which many leading politicians, scientists, trade unionists, industry representatives, teachers, jurists, and others collaborate on four continents and in over 30 countries.

The idea of the Club of Life caught fire because many people in many countries found it unbearable to see the constant spread of cultural pessimism and considered it an urgent necessity to create a new institution, based on human reason, on scientific and technological progress as well as cultural optimism.

The Club of Rome and its co-thinkers have in the course of over 12 years done enough mischief with their prognoses of the decline of the world a la Oswald Spengler. We can thank the Club of Rome's and similar writings, poured into the international market through a mammoth propaganda effort, for poisoning the spirit of young people in particular, who have been convinced that technological progress is the incarnation of the Devil himself.

The Club of Life has set for itself, among other tasks, that of proving that the theses of the Club of Rome are, from a scientific standpoint, sheer quackery. This book is the first of a planned series whose goal is to discredit and counter the influence of the Club of Rome, the Aspen Institute, the World Wildlife Fund, and others. And there is no one more worthy of beginning this job than my husband, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

However, the Club of Life will not restrict itself in its publications to the unfortunately necessary attack on organizations which hopefully will soon be consigned by history to insignificance; rather, we want to present concrete research and development programs which demonstrate how the presently existing limits to growth can be overcome.

The Club of Life has set no small task for itself. We intend nothing less than to bring about a new worldwide humanist renaissance. We want to orient ourselves to earlier high points of human culture, the Classical and Renaissance periods, and study how mankind overcame the earlier dark ages which show close parallels with the present situation. We proceed with confidence that we, strengthened by the superior examples of great humanists of the past, can again bring forth great composers, poets, and scientists.

And we are firmly convinced that man is endowed with reason, and that it cannot be mankind's purpose that only a few individuals reach the level of reason in their thinking; on the contrary, we are convinced that through our efforts the Age of Reason can be attained.

May this book enrich and inspire you.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche
Wiesbaden, August 1983

Author's Acknowledgments

To list, by name and contribution, all of those whose researches have more or less directly contributed some important part to the content of this book, would require a book in itself. In place of such a detailed acknowledgment, a few general remarks and some examples are given here.

For more than a decade, this writer has served as primus inter pares within an international association whose functions have taken the general shape and content of Plato's Academy at Athens, or, perhaps one might say either the specifications for an Academy given by Gottfried Leibniz or the work of constructing Academies on Leibniz's model by Dr. Benjamin Franklin. For most of that period, this association's day-to-day activities have been linked most prominently in developing and maintaining an international political-intelligence news service. It has been chiefly work done in connection with the work of that news service which produced the research reflected in the following chapters.

In form of organization, this news service was constructed according to...
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