Topics: World Heritage Site, China, Cultural heritage Pages: 3 (690 words) Published: March 16, 2015
Case Study 2: Starbucks: Forbidden in the Forbidden City
Submission Date: 3/2/2015

BB202121, CHAU HONG CHON, Eric
BB201531, CHEN CHAOHUA, Cherish
BB102089, LO CHENG MAN, Karina

1. Why is China, traditionally a non-coffee drinking culture, an important market for Starbucks?

China contains large number of population. For Beijing’s Forbidden City, which is China’s top tourists attraction, as a destination of choice for both Chinese and foreign visitors, hosts millions of visitors each year. As evidence of the potential of the coffee market in China, domestic and international companies are selling high-priced reports on demand forecasts, trends, and development in the Chinese coffee market. Because the North America Market has been saturated, Starbucks continues to look farther afield for potential markets, highlighting an international focus in its mission. Chinese consumers want a Western experience. They have interest on and become excited about the environment, atmosphere and the fresh-brewed process brought by Starbucks.

2. Do you think it was a good decision to house Starbucks in a world heritage site? What could Starbucks have done differently to be better accepted in the Forbidden City?

Yes,it is a good decision to house Starbucks in a world heritage site. Because Starbucks is the coffee shop a famous of the world. The world heritage site is most tourist Starbucks is a good place for the foreign to take a rest when they feel tired at the world heritage site. Starbucks in the Forbidden city,Starbucks affiliate opened a 200-square-foot coffee stand inside the walls of China's Forbidden City in 2000, the proud nation of 1.3 billion reacted,this is a great opportunity for Starbucks to build up their shop in china or in world heritage site,but Starbucks need to know the tradition of china,because china is tradition of tea drinking,if Starbucks in Forbidden city ,they can add the tradition tea...
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