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The decay of to occurs through the emission of a(n) ________. A. alpha particle B. beta particle C. neutron D. proton E. positron 3. Radionuclides which have too low of a neutron/proton ratio generally decay through ________. A. beta emission B. electron capture or positron emission C. gamma ray emission D. alpha emission E. neutron absorption 4. How many neutrons does have? A. 21 B. 23 C. 25 D. 46 E. 67 5. Identify the missing product in the following nuclear reaction: ...

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Neutron Stars

Science Neutron stars, second only to black holes and pints of Guinness as the densest objects in the Universe, may have liquid in their cores, observations of a dead star shrouded in the debris of a distant supernova suggest. Two separate teams of scientists say that a frictionless state of matter called a superfluid is the only reasonable explanation for temperature changes recently observed in the youngest known neutron star. “This the first direct evidence for superfluidity in neutron stars,”...

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Low Background Muon And Neutron Benchmarking For Applications In Ultra Rare Event Searches

Low-Background Muon and Neutron Benchmarking for Applications in Ultra-Rare Event Searches John Greavu, Mentor: Professor Priscilla Cushman Purpose The primary purpose of this study is to measure, to a high precision, the muon and neutron backgrounds experienced at the Low Background Counting Facility (Fig. 1) in the Soudan Underground Laboratory. An active muon veto shield lining most of the interior, in addition to a neutron detector—the Neutron Multiplicity Meter—in the facility, allow for...

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Element Builder Cayla Klimach

Name: Cayla Klimach Date: 2/13/15 Student Exploration: Element Builder Vocabulary: atom, atomic number, electron, electron dot diagram, element, energy level, ion, isotope, mass number, neutron, nucleus, periodic table, proton, radioactive, valence electrons Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) 1. What are some of the different substances that make up a pizza? :Cheese, tomato sauce, meat 2. What substances make up water? Hydrogen & Oxygen (H2O) 3. What substances...

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ATomic Review Sheet

Topic 1 Part I - Multiple Choice Questions 1 Which two particles have approximately the same mass? (1) proton and neutron (3) neutron and electron (2) proton and electron (4) neutron and positron 2 Which statement is true about a proton and an electron? (1) They have the same masses and the same charges. (2) They have the same masses and different charges. (3) They have different masses and the same charges. (4) They have different masses and different charges. 3 The atomic...

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Nuclear Weapons and Their Effects

explosion is caused by the release of energy in an atom, either through fission or fusion. Fission weapons cause an explosion by the splitting of atomic nuclei. This happens when a neutron collides with the nucleus of an atom. The protons in the nucleus are transformed into a great amount of energy and two or three more neutrons are sent out, which go on to split other nuclei. If this continues, a chain reaction will occur. The result is a gigantic explosion. To form a chain reaction, a certain amount...

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Plutonium Essay

Plutonium Essay I would like to work on the metal plutonium because the discovery of plutonium has a great impact on the world. Plutonium’s symbol is Pu and its atomic number is 94. This element has 150 neutrons and 94 protons and its standard atomic weigh is 244. Plutonium is located in the 7th period and it is a silvery white metal. One of its main uses is to act as the fuel of nuclear fission Plutonium does not exist naturally, although some say that small...

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Chemical Basis of Life

particles. Proton: Is a subatomic particle with a single unit of positive electrical charge. Electron: is a subatomic particle with a unit of negative charge. Neutron: is electrically neutral. Nucleus: is the center of an atom. It is made up of tightly packed protons and neutrons. • Electrons, which have much less mass than neutrons and protons continually, move about the outside of the nucleus at great speed. • The attraction between the negatively charged electrons and the positively charged...

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The atomic number and structure of an atom

The Atomic and Nuclear Structure of an Atom The atom has three main components the protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons and neutrons make up the nucleus, while the electrons are found outside the atom’s nucleus. Each component of an atom has a charge to it. The protons have a positive charge. The electrons have a negative charge, and the neutrons have a neutral charge. The atoms also have a charge. For example hydrogen can be negative, positive or neutral. These are called...

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And the (Nobel) Award Goes to... Ernest Rutherford

releases other neutrons, and he quickly realized that under the right conditions those neutrons could go on to split other atoms in a chain reaction. This would lead either a steady generation of energy in the form of heat or a huge explosion, depending on how many neutrons the event released. If each splitting atom caused one released neutron to split another atom, the reaction would create a steady release of heat energy. But if each fission event released any more than one neutron that went on...

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