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  • History of the Atomic Model

    History of the Atomic Model Just as we once believed that the earth was flat‚ our understanding of the atom was once extremely limited. As time passes‚ we begin to discover more and more about the world we live in. We have come to know much about the atom over the past two hundred years through the work of numerous brilliant scientists. Throughout history‚ scientists have come up with many experiments and atomic models to explain the atoms all around us‚ all leading up to our modern understanding

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  • Radiation

    your seatbelt and we’ll take a cruise into the quantum mechanical hood to check it out. Pay attention to the scenery along the way so you’ll be up to speed when we get there. Matter is composed of atoms. Atomic nuclei are tightly bound protons and neutrons (1H excepted) with electrons hanging out in the electron clouds around them. Also‚ there are chemical bonds between atoms in a lot of different kinds of matter. These bonds involve the borrowing and loaning of electrons (the so-called ionic bonds)

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  • Atomic Number and Tellurium

    Tellurium Many historians believed that Franz Joseph Müller von Reichstein was born around 1740’s to 1742 in the Habsburg Empire‚ which later became known as the Austro-Hungary Empire. Müller had many different positions in the Austria-Hungary administration; but he’s most known for being a mineralogist and skilled miner. He started his rode to success by becoming a Markscheider (official mine surveyor)‚ which then lead him to become an Hüttenwerke (royal commission for mining in the Banat). These

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  • Sodium24 analysis

    therefore profit too. 5. Sodium-24 is an artificially made isotope. It is made at the Lucas Heights reactor‚ near Sydney‚ Australia‚ as well as at other reactors across the world. It is made by the neutron absorption method‚ where a stable isotope is placed in a nuclear reactor and bombarded with neutrons‚ until one is absorbed into the nucleus‚ creating an unstable isotope. 6. There are four main hazards when using sodium-24 - Ionisation ability - is low because ionisation occurs when the decayed

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  • Radioisotopes

    number of protons (atomic number) corresponding to the chemical behavior of that element. However‚ the isotopes of a single element vary in the number of neutrons in their nuclei. Since they still have the same number of protons‚ all these isotopes of an element have identical chemical behavior. But since they have different numbers of neutrons‚ these isotopes of the same element may have different radioactivity. An isotope that is radioactive is called a radioisotope or radionuclide. Two examples

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  • Isotopes, sub-atomic particles and relative atomic mass

    physics and nuclear physics concern themselves with the study of these particles‚ their interactions‚ and matter made up of them which do not aggregate into atoms. These particles include atomic constituents such as electrons‚ protons‚ and neutrons (protons and neutrons are actually composite particles‚ made up of quarks)‚ as well as other particles such as photons and neutrinos which are produced copiously in the sun. However‚ most of the particles that have been discovered and studied are not encountered

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  • BSC 1020: The Molecules Of Life

    BSC 1020 – Homework Unit B The Molecules of Life This homework is worth 25 points of the 900 points available in the course. Please use the book‚ PPT lecture handouts‚ and internet to answer the following six questions: Question 1 (8 points) Mr. Tony‚ a biology teacher‚ gives his student Ziad four samples and tells him they are lysine (an amino acid)‚ lactose (a disaccharide)‚ insulin (a protein hormone)‚ and RNA. The samples are in test tubes marked 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ and 4‚ but Ziad is

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  • Transuranic Elements

    the USA. Uranium 238 is bombarded with neutrons produced by the nuclear fission of U-235. Initially an isotope of uranium (U-239) forms which decays by beta emission to produce neptunium-239. Neptunium-239 decays by beta emission to produce Pu-239. 23892U + 10n 23992U 23993Np + 0 -1e 23993Np 23994Pu + 0-1e Pu-239 is changed to americium by neutron bombardment.   Americium-241 is used

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  • Nuclear Weapons and Their Effects

    explosion is caused by the release of energy in an atom‚ either through fission or fusion. Fission weapons cause an explosion by the splitting of atomic nuclei. This happens when a neutron collides with the nucleus of an atom. The protons in the nucleus are transformed into a great amount of energy and two or three more neutrons are sent out‚ which go on to split other nuclei. If this continues‚ a chain reaction will occur. The result is a gigantic explosion. To form a chain reaction‚ a certain amount

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  • Models of the Atom

    deflections of the alpha particles could only occur with a large‚ concentrated mass at the center of the atom. This supported the idea that there was a nucleus‚ a dense center of protons and neutron. b) Nuclear Models (Rutherford) The nuclear model supports a dense nucleus containing protons and neutrons‚ with extremely distant electrons circling the center. The model does not specify whether these electrons are in an organized or disorganized orbit‚ or whether they are randomly scattered very

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