HDF 2400

Topics: 1969, 1966, 1983 Pages: 7 (3691 words) Published: October 1, 2014
Department of Human Development and Family Science
The Ohio State University
HDFS 2400 (10780): Life Span Human Development, Autumn 2014
Office Hours:

Roy Fish, Ph.D.
135 Campbell Hall, 1787 Neil Ave
127 Campbell Hall, 1787 Neil Ave
fish.30@osu.edu (please include “HDFS 2400” in the subject line) 614-371-9893 (cell; emergencies only please)
By appointment
Sujata Ponappa: ponappa.3@osu.edu (please include “HDFS 2400” in the subject line)

Course Description:
This course will provide a chronological overview of human development, from conception to death. We will examine how biological, psychological, sociocultural, and life-cycle forces interact to shape individual development. We will consider the utility of theories that explain specific areas of development (e.g., cognitive, socioemotional, adult development). This course fulfills the following GE category -- Social Science: Individuals and Groups. Goals: Students understand the systematic study of human behavior and cognition; the structure of human societies, cultures, and institutions; and the processes by which individuals, groups, and societies interact, communicate, and use human, natural, and economic resources. Expected Learning Outcomes: 1. Students understand the theories and methods of social scientific inquiry as they apply to the study of individuals and groups.

2. Students understand the behavior of individuals, differences and similarities in social and cultural contexts of human existence, and the processes by which groups function. 3. Students comprehend and assess individual and group values and their importance in social problem solving and policymaking.

HDFS2400 online is very much a “do-it-yourself” learning experience. You will construct knowledge about lifespan development by reading the textbook, completing learning activities, and participating in online discussions. If you are expecting (or desire) a course experience that primarily centers around instructor lectures, please consider taking a face-to-face section of HDFS 2400 instead. Required Course Materials:

LaunchPad for Berger's Invitation to the Lifespan with DSM5 Updates (2nd edition; 2014). LaunchPad is an online learning program. When you purchase LaunchPad, you are actually purchasing a 6 month license to use it. There are a number of different purchasing/textbook format options: 1. LaunchPad standalone: ISBN 9781 4641 77484. (LaunchPad contains an ebook; this option is for those students who can get by without a physical textbook.) Cost: about $65. 2. LaunchPad + (new) softcover book: ISBN 9781 4641 89487 -- an option for students who prefer a physical textbook over an ebook. Cost: about $140.

3. LaunchPad + (new) loose leaf book: ISBN 9781 4641 89555 -- another option for students who prefer a physical textbook over an ebook. Cost: about $100.
4. LaunchPad standalone + buying used or renting textbook? You could also try this option, but it may wind up being more expensive than one or more of the above options.

HDFS 2400 Online, Syllabus, AU2014, p.1/7

Do Not Buy! Do not buy a new book without LaunchPad, such as ISBN 9781 4641 72052. And under no circumstance should you buy an ebook separately (e.g., ISBN 9781 4641 80330, or CourseSmart ebook ISBN 9781 4292 83526). Doing so would be redundant since an ebook is already bundled into LaunchPad (which you have to buy anyway).

LaunchPad Temporary Access. It’s possible to start off the semester using a free, 21 day “Temporary Access” trial in LaunchPad (see http://tiny.cc/LaunchPad-Fish-AU14 and click “Temporary Access”). Temporary Access is recommended if: (1) you’re unsure if you’re going to stick with the course; (2) you’re unsure whether you can get by with using the ebook (included in LaunchPad) in place of a physical textbook; (3) finances or financial aid issues prevent you from purchasing LaunchPad at the outset of the semester. Temporary...
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