Topics: Sociology, Social stratification, Social structure Pages: 4 (932 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Required Text Book:
Course Text: Kendall, Diana. 2012. Hinds Community College Sociology In OurTtimes. 8th Edition. New York: Allyn Bacon/Longman. ISBN: 978-1-28510476-8. Course Overview:
This course is designed to introduce college students to topics that sociologists study, results of sociological research, and the logic of sociological inquiry. The course covers the general rubrics of social structure, social action, and social change, presenting theories that sociologists use to understand these dimensions of social life, and empirical research upon which these understandings are based. Course material is presented in the class meetings and in assigned readings from the course textbook and the course reader. Course Objectives:

This course is designed for sociology and other social science majors as well as for all other students interested in understanding human behavior. The objectives of the course are:

1. To provide an opportunity for the student to acquire a general sociological perspective on human behavior; thus giving him or her: a. clearer understanding of himself.
b. the conceptual tools necessary to allow him new insights and allow him to see more deeply into reality than he could before acquiring this perspective. c. the background necessary for further studies in the field of sociology. 2. To provide the student the opportunity to become familiar with specific theories of sociology in those areas of central concern in the discipline. 3. To provide the student with an introduction to the means by which sociologists, as scientists, carry out research, test theories, and to add to the store of knowledge in the field.

Student Learning Outcomes:

1) Explain the three major sociological perspectives
2) Apply the sociological perspective to various print and/or data bases. 3) Interpret elementary statistical information associated with sociological research.

4) Interpret components and purposes of research design and...
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