CYP 1.1

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CYP 3.1 Understand Child and young person development

1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years

Every child is different and the way they develop will depend individually on that child but there is an expected rate that things will happen.


Birth – 1 Birth a child will not have much control over their bodies but will be able to smile by around 6 weeks and recognise voices. They will learn to grab things maybe their feet or put toys in their mouths. By 6 months they may be able to roll or crawl and sit up, first teeth may be coming through and they may have started on solids. By 9 months they may again be able to sit or crawl may have started to pull themselves up by holding onto furniture. May now be exploring objects and playing with them by passing from hand to hand. By a year they may be able to sit down from a standing, may have taken their first steps and will have got a few teeth.

1-3 walking on own, crawling upstairs, may attempt to run and try to walk up the stairs holding on to hand but then towards 3 will be running on own and can do the stairs on own using handrail. May start to kick balls and will develop more accurate skills. Start to ride sit on toys and pull along toys. Will try to feed themselves then by 3 will be able to feed themselves without any help. Will be able to wave goodbye and start saying words, by 3 could be talking clearly. Start to scribble and draw, looks at books and can turn the pages on their own. May start to be able to dress themselves.

3-5 Can run and climb up slides, jump, catch, hop, play football, ride bikes. Have more independence to do things such as dressing themselves without help. Able to use scissors, wanting to draw pictures not just scribbles.

5-7 Will be trying to write and learn letters and numbers, their name. Starting to write sentences that are clear and readable. More accurate control for games with balls or hopping, riding bikes more independently. Enjoys doing games such as football.

7-10 Writing and drawing becomes clearer and understandable. May be able to use computer or ipad. Physical growth slows down.

10-15 Physical development is now very different depending on each child. Puberty starts roughly between 11-13, boys are normally later than girls when there muscles will grow, develop body hair, voice may become deeper become taller. Girls breasts will start to develop, develop body hair, body will become curvy and rounded, periods will start. Interested in tv programmes, dvds, computers.

15-19 Start to become adults, girls may have reached maturity boys will continue to mature and will develop further into their 20’s.


Birth – 1 Will communicate through crying. Will start cooing and copying sounds, will start making sounds in a conversation and use sounds to get attention. Start babbling and will understand words such as no, will start to understand basic messages and instructions. May say 1st word.

1-3 First word, will start to understand more words and hold a conversation. May use peoples names, or say words when they see them maybe on a car journey, will start asking questions, respond and listen to conversations, may chatter away to themselves whilst playing. Enjoy songs and rhymes and joining in with them, maybe able to count to 10.

3-5 Longer sentences can be used, vocabulary will increase, songs, rhymes, stories are enjoyed more as more of an understanding of them, may copy adult speech, start to use tenses but not always in the right manner, people will start to be able to understand what they are saying.

5-7 Learning to read by themselves, their language will become more adult-like, will start to enjoy jokes and word play, recognise their own name on books. Vocabulary is getting wider the more they learn, will sit and have conversations with friends and themselves while playing. Should be able to write a sentence but...
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