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Hampton Machine Tool Company -Case Write-up Summary: On September 12, 1979, Hampton Machine Tool Company requested from St. Louis National Bank a renewal to their loan of $1,000,000 due to be repaid on September 30, 1979 and also to be given an additional loan of $350,000 for new equipment purchases in October 1979. Both loans were to be repaid on December 31, 1979. Hampton M.T. Company wrote a letter to the St. Louis National Bank stating the reasons for the extension of the loan and the need...

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Financial Management: Hampton Case Study

profitable firm like Hampton repay its loan in a timely manner? 2. What major developments between November 1978 and August 1979 contributed to this situation? (Hampton background) 3. Based on the information provided, prepare projected cash budget for the four months September through December 1979, a projected income statement, and a pro forma balance sheet as of December 31, 1979. 4. Critically evaluate the assumptions of the forecasts. 5. Do you believe that Hampton can repay the loan in December...

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Medical and Environmental Electronic Devices Corporation

Electronic devices corporation was founded in 1959. Initially the core business was related to applications in medical device technology. The company started new business of Environmental control applications and achieved its current name in 1964. By 1979, MEED achieved 31% market share in its market area. MEED’s competitors had only 20% and11% shares. MEED has headquarters 21 countries around the world including Westland and Michigan. Integrated Circuit Group was set up MEED to meet its need for...

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Hampton Machine Tool Company

it need more bank financing? What major developments between November 1978 and August 1979 contributed to this situation? A/ Hampton Machine Tool Company was unable to repay its loan on time due to several factors. One of such factors is the fact that the stock repurchase, for which the loan was initially requested, was a major cash disbursement of $3 million. In the period between November 1978 and August 1979, stock repurchase represented 58% of total expenditures for that period, while inventory...

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great mom

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzc- e Speech by Mother Teresa - Media Player at ... www.nobelprize.org/mediaplayer/index.php?id=1852 Acceptance Speech by Mother Teresa (19 minutes). Mother Teresa held her Acceptance Speech on 10 December 1979, in the Oslo City Hall, Norway. Copyright ... Durant's MVP Speech A Great Message On Mother's Day ... www.nba.com/.../news/durants-mvp-speech-great-message-mothers-day May 11, 2014 - He was so emotional during that speech, as was his mother, and...

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aircraft sales in both export and domestic markets, the automobile industry rising and an improvement in the economy. Summary of The Problem Hampton Machine Tool Company have problems with the repayment of its $1million loan due date of September 1979. The loan was used for the stock repurchase. Thanks to the president of Hampton Company- , Mr.Cowin’s good reputation and the credibility in the business community and submission of projected sales and forecasted financial statements St.Louis National...

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Hampton Machine Tool Case

severe downturn in the automobile market resulting in a significant decline in sales for Hampton Machine Tool. In December of 1978, Hampton Machine Tool was approved for a $1 million loan to repurchase stock. The loan was to be repaid by September of 1979 with monthly interest payments at 1.5% of principle. Due to a backlog of unfilled orders summing to $16.5 million, Hampton Machine Tool was unable to repay the loan. In order for the company to get back on track they must take out an additional loan...

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Drugs and Hair Dye

substance. Such tests take three to four years to complete, and processing a warning proposal takes another one or two years. 1"Are Hair Dyes Safe?," Consumer Reports, 44, no. 8 (August 1979): 456-60. 2Darla Miller, "Well, Does She or Doesn't She--Know If Her Hair Dye Is Safe," San Jose Mercury, 5 December 1979, pp. 1C, 3C. 3Ibid. 4"Are Hair Dyes Safe," p. 458. Discussion 1. In your judgment, was the Food and Drug Administration right in ordering the warning label in January 1978, on the basis...

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for a 90 day period until closing. In Early December, Milby approached appellant James Foster, a painter contactor, and discussed the assignment of his interest in the contract. Cross was not informed of the assignment until February or March of 1979. Cross continued to insist on financial statements, which were still not given. Stephens’s financial position also deteriorated, leading to his bankruptcy filing in early March. On February 22, Stephens had assigned his interest in the sales agreement...

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Deokabai (Smt) (Appellant) vs Uttam (Respondent) on 27 July, 1993

any excuse for the same. Legal Issues: So far as the present agreement for sale was concerned, she took the step of applying for necessary permission to the Competent Authority, Nagpur on March 3, 1979. The requisite permission for selling the house was granted to her in the month of May, 1979. On 9.7.79, a notice was sent by the respondent to the appellant requiring her to get the sale deed executed and registered' in his favour on 9.7.1979 and to remain present in the office of Registrar at...

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