Week 2 PSY 280

Topics: Psychology, Behaviorism, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1387 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Human growth and development theories
Theories were established in learning the dynamic aspects of human growth and development. Human growth refers to the physical aspects that occur as human life exist from the start of conception to the end of life. It can be quantified and measured through an individual’s physiological attributes such as the height, weight, dental progression, and bone structure. Development pertains to the stages and characteristics describing the complexity of cognitive skills and social skills being established by an individual as they age from their conception or fetal stage and matures into adulthood. Theories of development were created from different school of thoughts that are products from processes of methodological thinking in providing a basis of intellectual arguments to address the questions regarding human behaviors and actions through age, contact to other individuals, experiences and situations, and their environment.

Cognitive theory argues that the cognitive ability, an individual’s way to think are as they physiologically matures and has chances to interact in their environment. In Bae article (1999), Jean Piaget is mentioned as a leading theorist behind this thinking. Piaget theorized that babies are curious and thoughtful, generating their own schema about their world. Cognitive theory according to Piaget explains how people think changes with time and experiences, including an individual’s thinking that influences their individual’s actions. Piaget presented that individuals interaction to the repeated stimulus are in a stage of equilibrium of accommodation and assimilation cycles, when a new stimulus is, the state is into disequilibrium. As the individual adds new knowledge and understand new stimulation, he or she adapts or accommodates and adjust or assimilate to once again return into a state of equilibrium. These cycle as Piaget presented is how an individual learns and introduced it into four stages from...
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