A Plethora of Emotions

Topics: Eye color, Shopping mall, National Mall Pages: 4 (1451 words) Published: October 25, 2005
A first date is one of the most memorable and life changing event that many girls go through. The ideal first date usually consists of flowers, candy, dinner, and a wonderful handsome prince. The first date is an overrated night in which many girls get their hopes up but it does not goes out as planned. Like many girls, I was a dreamer who wanted to experience the overrated night. I wanted the candy and the flowers; and I had planned out the evening in my mind and how it would turn out. I wanted the whole entire shebang, but I did not get any of it. My first date did not include the fancy dinner with a violinist or a knight in shinning armor at my house with a bundle of red roses; nor did it include an over elaborated evening with dancing, fined deserts, or a horse carriage ride home. Even though the date was not the enchanted fairy tale that I was hoping for, it was still a night that I hold deep in my heart because I experienced for the first time, a roller coaster of emotions starting from the meet and greet, the heart of the date, and the ending of a once in a life time moment.

On the day of the date, I was beleaguered with trepidation that the date would go horribly wrong since Mother Nature was suffering through her mood swings. The afternoon sky was consisted of huge smog of gray fogs that seemed like it was going to pour down acidic rain on me any seconds. I was in my new outfit that consisted of a baby blue tank top blouse with tiny little flowers scatter all across, a pair of kaki slack that was just purchased at Express, and my newly cleaned strapless tan high-heels sandals. My hair was silky-smooth and curly like those shampoo models on TV, and my face was glistened a light tan tone from the Lancôme concealer that I used. I stood in the front entrance of the mall, fiddling with my fingers waiting anxiously and nervously like a student waiting to get her diploma. I kept on pacing back and forth, trying to hide my frustration that he was ten minutes...
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