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  • Time Table

    we propose a new notion of privacy called “closeness.” We first present the base model closeness‚ which requires that the distribution of a sensitive attribute in any equivalence class is close to the distribution of the attribute in the overall table (i.e.‚ the distance between the two distributions should be no more than a threshold t). We then propose a more flexible privacy model called closeness that offers higher utility. We describe our desiderata for designing a distance measure between

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  • The Table and Friend

    drawing-room. We changed the table-cloth‚ cleaned the room and started with the decorations. We decorated the ceiling with paper buntings‚ bells and stars. We below balloons and hung them all over. Doing that was great fun as some of the balloons bursted while blowing and others refused to stick to the wall. For our siblings‚ we had kept a few birthday caps. While I was blowing the balloons my friend quickly wrapped the return-gifts. We placed floating candles on the table where the cake would be kept

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  • The Process of Serving Tables

    The Process of Serving Tables The job of a server is more difficult than most people think. Many Americans love to dine at restaurants whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion‚ or just to save them the trouble of cooking dinner at home. Waiting tables is an art form requiring skill‚ mental focus‚ charm and smarts. I have been a server at Fats Asia Bistro for about four years now and consistently notice many of my guests lack the understanding of my profession. This can result in mediocre tips

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  • Open Table Definition

    our tables would be empty and quiet‚ our meals sparse and unpalatable‚ our concepts of wonder and amazement dimmed by the reality around us. A general tenet which guides my faith is the reality that being a person of faith means I am called to do difficult work. As human beings we engage imperfectly in this world and as a result experience conflict; as a person of faith I am called to do the often difficult work of forgiveness‚ when possible and appropriate

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  • The periodic table

    THE PERIODIC TABLE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The idea that all things are elements or combinations of elements can be found in the writings of the ancient Greeks and other early peoples. Although this idea may seem simple‚ it is very difficult to decide if a substance is indeed an element or a compound. There were twelve chemical elements discovered in ancient times‚ but it was not known that they were elements. Another 76 elements were discovered between 1557 and 1925. Many mistakes were made in

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  • Table Manners in China

    China is a country with 5000-years-long civilization and a long and rich history‚ so Chinese like to pay more attention to the etiquette‚ especially in the table manners. Most foreigners do not know table manners when they join in Chinese dinner party because Western dining is different with Chinese. Chinese table manners have three important parts‚ including place setting‚ taboos‚ and toast. Firstly‚ the seating arrangement is one of the important parts of dinning etiquette because the order of

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  • The SQL CREATE TABLE Statement

    The SQL CREATE TABLE Statement The CREATE TABLE statement is used to create a table in a database. Tables are organized into rows and columns; and each table must have a name. SQL CREATE TABLE Syntax CREATE TABLE table_name ( column_name1 data_type(size)‚ column_name2 data_type(size)‚ column_name3 data_type(size)‚ .... ); The column_name parameters specify the names of the columns of the table. The data_type parameter specifies what type of data the column can hold (e.g. varchar‚ integer‚ decimal

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  • Peridoic Table

    Facts of the periodic table While Dmitri Mendeleev is most often cited as the inventor of the modern periodic table‚ his table was just the first to gain scientific credibility‚ and not the first table that organized the elements according to periodic properties. There are 90 elements on the periodic table that occur in nature. All of the other elements are strictly man-made. Technetium was the first element to be made artificially. The International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry‚ IUPAC‚ revises

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  • Kudler Data Table Analysis

    Data Table Analysis Data Table Analysis Kudler’s Fine Foods is a gourmet food store that provides specialized products in the Southern California region. Since the inventory of the store is perishable‚ it is important to have control of the inventory on hand and put in place a procedure for replacing the inventory promptly. If Kudler’s has too much inventory on hand‚ the loss of revenues due to waste increases. Alternatively‚ if Kudler’s cannot replace inventory fast enough‚ they risk alienating

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  • Hash Tables

    Mark Radice SD290 Hash Tables The term Hash Search refers to a search‚ in which they key‚ through an algorithmic function‚ determines the location of the data. In essence‚ the goal is to find the data with only one search. The hash search runs very quickly because of this. It’s Big O‚ or orders of power‚ approaches O(1) and will never exceed O(n). To accomplish this search‚ a program is written in which the key is passed into the hash function‚ which in turn‚ finds the address of the data

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