Best Day

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Best Day
It was Valentines day, which happened to be my favorite holiday of all times, but what made it so special this year is I got to spend it with who at the time I didn’t know would be the love of my life. Waking up that morning I had goose bumps. Just the thought of me knowing that we were officially going on our first date that night made me crazy. I didn’t even want to go to school that day because I wanted to make sure that I looked amazing for this night but I went anyway and I’m glad that I did. Once I got to school and I saw him, he surprised me with flowers and a card, gave me a kiss and told me to be ready by 9 o clock. I was all smiles then and a little nervous but once I got home from school I was able to finally stop glowing and start to get ready for tonight. As time pasted me and my mom found me something to wear and did my hair. “Calm down, you will do fine” my mom said because I was sitting there shaking. A little while later the door bell rang and it was him looking handsome as ever. My mom took pictures of us like we were going to prom but we didn’t mind. After the paparazzi was done we left. I had asked him where we were going a thousand times but he told me it was a surprise. As we pulled up to our destination I noticed that it was Olive Garden, which is my favorite restaurant. We went in, sat down, ate, and talked about old times. Once we were good and full, he paid for the food and we left. As we pulled back up to my house he started acting weird and it made me worry. “Can we start actually dating now” he said as he looked at me smiling. I was so shocked that I couldn’t even say yes so I kissed him to let him know that I was okay with us actually being together. We then began to talk about how we met and how we got to where we’re now. Hours had pasted and we were still in the car just talking. It was getting late so he walked me to the door and then surprised me with two teddy bears and a kiss on the forehead and told me that he...
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