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  • Talk Radio

    off. Seriously if i didn’t appreciate you being my friend why would i still be talking to you? I don’t have to talk to you but I actually choose to. You’re just criticizing me now saying I’m unappreciative. This is why I don’t want a stupid ass boyfriend. Wtf you’re pissing me off. Seriously if i didn’t appreciate you being my friend why would i still be talking to you? I don’t have to talk to you but I actually choose to. You’re just criticizing me now saying I’m unappreciative. This is why I don’t

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  • Talk Radio and Item

    1) The first item that I chose to represent myself was my plane ticket to Europe. For spring break in 2012‚ my soccer team and I went to the Netherlands and England to play soccer for 10 days. It was a great trip that included site seeing‚ lots of touring and playing some of the soccer club over there. I chose this item to represent myself because it was the best vacation that I have ever been. The second item that I have chosen to represent myself is a picture of my family and I. My family

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  • Talk Radio and Home

    space. I spend my days aimlessly lost in my own thought‚ sleeping or listening to them talk‚ the people that are outside of my house walls. I love listening to them laugh. I don’t really know what they are but they call themselves Mommy and Daddy. Mommy’s voice is soft and sweet not like Daddy’s‚ his is rough and deep. I have to strain to hear his voice because it does not surround me like Mommy’s. They talk about me a lot‚ calling me Baby Girl‚ I wish I could see them or let them know I can hear

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  • Friends: Talk Radio and Modern World

    In the modern world‚ everybody makes friends. Even if a person meets a stranger that he does not know‚ the person can also call him a friend. However‚ not all the people would be considered as friends. When selecting friends‚ we have to be careful that we have to avoid some people with some bad characteristics. It is not a good idea to make friends with liar‚ people with bad habits and quiet people. It is truly not a good idea to make friend with liars. Almost everybody lies in the modern world

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  • Talk Radio and Totally Different Personalities

    Mini’s father and the Cabulliwallah had many differences. Her father didn’t have much time for chatter as did the Cabulliwallah. Her father was wealthy as the Cabulliwallah was not. They were from different countries as well and two totally different personalities. Mini’s father was a very busy writer whom was working on a novel and didn’t have much time to listen to his very talkative child. On the other hand‚ there was the Cabulliwallah‚ who had nothing but time. He enjoyed talking to the little

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  • Munitions: Talk Radio and Bertha Martin

    ANTHONY-BASSEY FRANCIS PROFESSOR BARRY POMEROY ENGL 1310- LITERARY TOPICS 23RD OF OCTOBER 2012 SUMMARY OF “MUNITIONS” BY JESSIE GEORGINA SIME The text “Munitions” by Georgina Sime talks about the position of women and how they too can make a different or change in the society. Sime uses a character (Bertha Martin) to stress the idea and show actually how she strived and made decisions to be able to attain a sense of self-worth. The general image of women was said to be unpleasant “loud

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  • Television vs Radio

    Media Research-Topic Proposal Television VS Radio In this world of ever-increasing access to different types of media‚ the big question that has to be asked is which is the better medium‚ the TV or the radio. The younger generation votes for TV while the radio is the choice of the older generation. But this is more of a social condition than a trend. TV has many advantages‚ the main being that there is a picture visible on the screen and no imagination is required. An audience can just sit in

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  • The Ethics of Talk

    Jose Rodriguez 9-11-10 CLS 101 Ethics of Talk In the “Ethics of Talk: Classroom Conversation and Democratic Politics‚” by Ruth Grant‚ a certain quote seemed to draw my attention. “Can talking make people better? “ In my opinion‚ I feel that yes‚ and no. The reason why I say yes is because if the right person is talking‚ he or she can get their point across in a conversation. Also‚ being able to communicate effectively to one another is vital in understanding other people. Talking gives us the

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  • Pep Talk Analysis

    Learning to Give a Pep Talk —— 《上海学生英文报》高中进阶 (2413期20170314) ·4版 Everyone wants to be the type of person who gives the critical talk that turns around a friend’s outlook. However‚ giving a good pep talk (激励性讲话) isn’t easy. It requires an understanding of what your audience needs. You need to not only listen and empathize‚ but also stress the other person’s strengths. You also need to know when to stop talking. “A lot of people think they are giving a pep talk‚ but they are just saying what they

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  • Ted Talk Stress

    Sequoia Booth ENG 100 Professor Legler Short Paper #3 One of the videos we viewed in class was a Ted Talk by health psychologist Kelly McGonigal. She talked about stress‚ particularly making the case that stress is not as detrimental as we have been taught to think it is. In fact‚ McGonigal claims that stress can actually be a friend to you and your health. Mcgonigal asks her audience to indicate the level stress they’ve felt over the past year. To not surprise the vast majority of the

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