A Memorable Experience

Topics: Academic dress, Graduation, High school Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: May 8, 2012
A memorable experience
I can never forget the day I graduated from University . This was the day my family and I waited for , it took three years to achieve it . This was the day I could formally and officially be called an accountant . I can still recall the moment of that memorable moment .

Few weeks before graduation ceremony , my family and I were busy shopping for clothes , shoes and so on . Meanwhile , greeting cards and messages came pouring in . For sensimental reason , I put them in an album entitled ‘ My Graduation ’.

Finally the day arrived , it was 20 August 2011. My family and I were dressed to kill . I felt very special in my gown and mortar board . I posed for many photographs with my family and friends .

Soon , it was the time for us to take a seat in the school hall . I still remember looking out the seats if I could spot my family . Of course , it was impossible .
The long awaited moment arrived . I walked up the stage to receive my scroll . There were butterflies in my stomach . I could feel my heart was pounding .
In spite of my nervousness , I walked up boldly to the stage . The short path to stage seemed to be never ending . It was like a film in slow motion . Finally , I stretched out both my arms to receive scroll . It was a great moment for my family and I . After the days spent for preparation , the event was over in a few seconds .

After graduation ceremony , we headed for a photo studio for more photographs . Then , my family treated me a wonderful lunch in a cosy restaurant .
In the evening , I joined my friends for graduation party at my friend’s home . I had a great time with my friends . We enjoyed the delicious barbecue meat and funny moment.
These is mine unforgettable moment and I still can recall back when I seeing the picture that I put at the head of my bed .
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