Raquette Lake Essay
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Brittany Byrne
Raquette Lake Essay
September 15, 2008

During my time at Raquette Lake, not only did I learn from other people but also learned things about myself. I will admit, at first, hearing about Raquette Lake did not sound very appealing to me. I wasn't looking forward to "roughing it" out in the woods with a bunch of people I hardly knew, especially on a Friday and Saturday. Once we got there my whole perspective quickly changed and I found myself forgetting about what I thought I'd be missing back at Cortland and just enjoying the beautiful scenery that was surrounding me.

At exactly 6pm the bell was rung which signaled to everyone that dinner was now ready. We all piled in to eat an assortment of chicken, rice, vegetables, and salad. After dinner a bunch of the girls, including myself, sat on the dock letting our feet dangle down by the water and sharing stories trying to get to know one another better. I was surprised to find that a lot of us actually had a lot more in common, other than being in the honors program, then I would of imagined. Later on that night we all gathered around a camp fire enjoying our smore's and anticipating what the next day had in store for us.

When my alarm clock went off around 7am I peeked outside to find it raining and chilly out. Though it wasn't the best weather I had to suck it up just like everyone else and look forward to the better part of the day. When we first got to the camp we split up in to three groups. My group's first challenge was to try and stand together on a rope with just leaning on each others hand's for support and try to get to the other side of the rope. Every step you took got a little wider and wider so you had to try and figure out what was the key to getting across with out either one of you falling. Only one pair in my group came very close to getting to the end. Through out the challenges I realized they all consisted of working together and team work and

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