A Case Study on Snacks to Go
Topics: Management, Sociology, Education, Decision making, Organization, Scientific method / Pages: 6 (1434 words) / Published: Sep 7th, 2010

I. Statement of the Problem

Jill Harms is in a dilemma whether to improve the product line (Snacks to go – nuts category) or to drop the line completely.

II. Objectives of the Study

This study seeks the following objectives: - to be able to understand the marketing strategy of Sathers Inc. towards its operations - to determine the root cause of the declining sales - to know whether the decision of Larry to become a distributor of Coors Inc. is right - To understand the product strategy of Snacks to Go. on a Category Manager’s point of view

III. Scopes and Limitations of the Study

The study includes the current situation of Jill Harms, the nature of the company Sathers Inc., the organizational background of the company and the different strategies that the company has already done to the specific product line of nuts and snacks.

The study however, is limited with only secondary data being analyzed according to focus groups through surveys and questionnaires.

This study has recommendations and points of view that are based from my own perspectives and thinking as a marketing student.

IV. Nature of The Research A. Jill Harms

Jill Harms is the Assistant Category Manager for the Nuts, Natural Snacks and Cookies Category at Sathers Inc. Her variety of tasks in this category is challenging because there is a target by the company that the category of Nuts will grow. Another reason for her being challenges are that because she had been given full responsibility for the category.

The problem now facing Jill Harms is the recommendation she would make to the Director of Marketing concerning Snacks to Go, the snack nuts product line that was introduced earlier in the year. The pressure is now on Jill Harms as to improve the line’s performance soon or, drop the line completely.

B. Sathers Inc.

Sathers Inc. started as distributing cookies in bulk to area grocers through selling these packages as 4 to

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