Key Concepts of Creativity and Innovation Worksheet

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Key Concepts of Creativity and Innovation Worksheet
University of Phoenix
Sara Garski
October 10, 2011
Key Concepts of Creativity and Innovation Worksheet

|Concept |Application of concept in scenario |Citation of concept |Personal experience in your | |(Identify at least five concepts)| |in reading |organization | | |Best Snacks has been one of the leading companies |Jones, G. (2004). |In my organization the employees| |Exploitation |in their industry for several years. The company |Organizational |are always learning. Within my | | |has become |Theory, Design, and |team we are | | |complacent which has caused them to barely hold |Change. Upper Saddle|Encouraged to come up with new | | |the number two position. In order to remain and |River, New Jersey: |ways that will make the team and| | |gain back that competitive advantage, Best Snacks |Prentice-Hall. |the company better as a whole. | | |must look at new ways of doing various activities | |One of my teammates | | |within the company. Exploitation is defined as, | |Came up with an idea | | |organizational | |To add to one of our | | |members learning of ways to refine and improve | |Current systems. After | | |existing organizational procedures (Jones 2004. | |The idea had went | | |Pg. 376). With the new CEO, Elizabeth Fairchild, | |Through the proper | | |joining the Company, she is determined to see why | |Channels, it was | | |Best Snacks is failing after being successful for | |Implemented. Although adding a | | |many years. She plans on working with vice | |Extra component to | | |president, Sabrina McKay, to help the company come| |An existing system, took awhile,| | |up with new and innovative procedures, that will | |it was worth the wait, | | |eventually | |Because it saved the | | |place Best Snacks back in the leading position. | |Company money in | | | | |The long run. | | |Best Snacks has always promoted from within in the|Davila, T., Epstein,|A radical Innovation in My | | |past. They have decided to do something different |M., & Shelton, R. |organization | | |by bringing in a new CEO from outside with a |(2006). Making |Back in June of 2010. The | |Radical Innovation |different background. The new CEO, Elizabeth, |Innovation Work: How|company added | | |plans to have a new cultural change |To Manage It, |A regional office in the | |...
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