Pillsbury Cookie Challenge Case Study

Topics: Pillsbury Doughboy, Baking, Marketing Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Pillsbury cookie challenge — Presentation Transcript
1. • By the end of this presentation you will be convinced that Pillsbury can increase its household penetration by re-engaging with existing users, by adapting to new consumer demands, and by altering the perception of the product in the minds of consumers. 2. • Background• Challenges in the Canadian Market• The Pillsbury Sub-Culture• Study Results• Strengths and Opportunities• New Market Segmentation• Recommendations• Implementation Timeline• Conclusion 3. • General Mills Canada (GMCC) – 2nd largest division within General Mills International segment – leader in the Canadian packaged foods market – Refrigerated Baked Goods (RBG) is the 4th largest category of GMCC• Pillsbury dominated RBG category with 85% market share• Refrigerated cookies represent 62% RBG’s unit sales & 75% category’s profit 4. COMPANY STRUCTURE General Mill Inc US Retail International Food Services GMCC BakedBreakfast -RBG Meals Snacks 5. • Multiple flavours• Two formats : Chub & Ready-to-bake• Seasonal cookie products for holiday season were sold at a premium• Regular Price $2.99 - $4.99 6. • Annual volume growth of 1% in past 3 years• Household penetration has fallen to 24%• Assessment of the advertisement revealed the lack of effectiveness for brand recognition and relevance• US Advertising campaigns adapted for Canadian market – Failed to generate the projected annual growth of 5-7% 7. • More than 50% households bake cookies from scratch• 32% considered it “Value for Money”• Quality of dough was a concern for many consumers• 31% Canadian population like the flavours offered• 23% said it made the right amount of cookies• 15% consider it the correct size for kids 8. Mothers• Mid-30s to 40s• Leading an Active & busy lifestyle• Pressed for time• Looking for easy and convenient product 9. “Why do you like Pillsbury’s cookie products?”• Easy, Quick & Practical• Affordable• Crowd Pleasers (Children’s)• Gratification and Recognition•...
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