Eating and Basic Training

Topics: Eating, Sergeant, Drill instructor Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Shalinda Green
Mrs. Lorraine Dubuisson
English 1101
February 8, 2013
Sweet Tooth
Last year in basic training my battle buddy Brown and I always stole nutri-grain bars and oreos from chow (is what army defines as a time to eat) for uses of eating them and selling them to others. It all started when I was at a breaking point and I felt like needed something sweet in order to live or I wouldn’t make it to see the next day. So I decided to slide a few packs of oreos and nutri-grain bars in my pocket to save for later cravings

Basic training was a very good learning experience and I’m glad I decided to put my life on the line and serve this beautiful country. In Basic training sweets was off limits. My training period lasted almost eight months. Can you imagine not eating anything sweet for eight months? I know I couldn’t have. Eating chow, whether it was in the dfac or field chow sweets were always in the mist somewhere.

The chow hall served great food and I loved eating there because the food was always hot and it made my stomach feel like it was in heaven. In reality I really didn’t have a choice but to like chow hall food, because of course, I was in basic training. I was forced to like the food. In the chow hall (dfac) nutri-grain bars was served every single day unless they ran out and were forced to serve fig newtons.

Field chow was another technique on how food was distributed to us in basic training. Eating field chow was my least favorite. I hated it. The food served is cold and just plain out disgusting. The best aspect of field chow was receiving oreos. On some days I would trade my whole meal just for a pack of four pack oreos.

My battle buddy Brown and I wasn’t even friends until we both discovered we were both stealing the sweets from the dfac and field chow. Eventually we decided to work together as a team in order to get the sweets we wanted. We became do good at obtaining the sweets; we chose to keep stealing them. Later on,...
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