Writing Styles

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Writing Styles

In this essay I will be going into detail about three different writing styles used in health and social care. I will also be comparing the writing styles against each other.

Persuasive Writing – Persuasive writing is all about trying to get someone’s attention on something. Persuasive writing use’s specific features which help the information used to become persuasive towards the audience. This could include using present tense, using emotive language, using rhetorical questions, making opinions sound like facts, as well as using powerful verbs and adjectives etc. Persuasive writing can be linked and used in many different ways. One of the ways would include health and social care. This could be linked by usage in advertisements, one example of this would be the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’

Took from Google images, 18th November 2010.

As you can see from the example up above, persuasive writing is used among all three. Whether we’re referring to the slogan or the paragraph under each line. In this example facts are also present, which help to gain a persons attention. Also having a catchy slogan can gain plenty attention from the audience, which would help the audience to take the advice. Persuasive writing can also differ towards imagery.

Reflective writing - Reflective writing is when you talk/write about what you had done all day. Reflective writing is good because this helps to clear your mind, as well as acknowledging what you had achieved through out the day, and what things you need to set as your target. In health and social care we use reflective writing on patients, where you’d talk about how they are coping, improving each day. This would help the staff know the patients needs. Reflective writing is also good for family member to see how there relative is doing.

Journalistic writing - Journalistic writing is when you publish new topics to the public. The way a journalist’s mind works is that they think out of the box,...
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