Analyzing a Visual

Topics: Rhetoric, Logic, Emotion Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Analyzing a Visual
Americans are bombarded with ads and public service announcements every day. They come in the forms of media including television, newspapers, and other forms as well. Because Americans are bombarded with so many ads and public service announcements, the composers need to have reasonable and credible arguments and keep the viewers attention, and to persuade them. Public service announcements are a special kind of ad whose intention is to encourage beneficial actions or donations for a specific cause. A good example of a PSA is the SPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan which is intended to persuade its viewers to donate money in order help save animals from abuse. The PSA announcement by the SPCA I effective because of its use of pathos and logos; however, the unnecessary length and possibly distractive endorsements/incentives may have distracted viewers from watching the ad in its entirety, or from donating to the organization.

The SPCA ad has very strong pathos to convince the viewers that the animals need their help. The commercials use of images, music, and written dialogue all helped to establish ads pathos. The images that were used, were intended to induce a feeling of pity in the viewer, which they did a very good job of doing. The images are used because they are intended to make the viewer believe that if they don’t send the money, the very animals that they are seeing will die, and that it will be essentially their fault. The pathos of the ad is further strengthened through the music Played while the images are being shown. Somber music adds to the feeling of pity, and strengthens the SPCA’s argument for more money to be donated. The ad further draws on the emotions of the viewers when the written words appear in the ad. Word such as “every hour an animal is beaten or abused” or “they suffer alone and terrified”, all cause an emotional reaction from the viewer. According to Aristotle, strong emotions such as pity, have a very...

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