Pitbulls Should Be Banned

Topics: Pit Bull, Question, Rhetorical question Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: November 17, 2012
The issue whether pitbulls should be banned has been prominent in the media in recent weeks since poor Ayen Chol was brutally attacked. In the letter to the editorial ‘these dogs are guns without a safety catch’ published in the Herald sun, on the 19/08/11, by Leanne Pelen contends that pitbulls are vicious, savage, dangerous animals that need to be banned by the government. In an outraged tone, the article targets those who own pitbulls as well the government officials who make the laws about dogs, in a bid to get them to see that pitbulls are vicious killers who are to have no pace in our society.

Throughout the article the writer uses a number of persuasive devices in order to manipulate the audience's response. These include metaphors, anecdotal evidence, repetition, rhetorical question, attack and emotive language.

In the heading, one example of a persuasive technique used is that of a metaphor. A metaphor is when the author makes association with a vivid image. An example of this technique throughout the article include: “these dogs are guns without a safety catch on”. It manipulates the reader in creating a sense of fear by using the powerful image of a dangerous deadly weapon and associating this image with pitbulls such quotes have left the reader to believe that pitbulls are dangerous, vicious, brutal dogs that should be banned.

Another example of a persuasive technique used that is of attack to the government, an attack is when the author position the reader to agree that if an individual is flawed, their messages must be to, an example of this technique throughout the article include ‘has the law gone mad?’ and ‘How little the government will protect us..’ this attack makes the reader feel outraged that the government in doing little to help the community.

The author uses emotive language to describe the bravery of her husband and the innocence of the young girl Ayen Chol. An example of this highly emotive language throughout the article...
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