Confidence Interval and Reflective Writing Tips

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Reflective Writing Tips
Reflective writing is where you revisit experiences and write down your thoughts about them, asking questions such as: •"What did I notice?"
"Why did it happen this way?"
"How was I changed by this?"
"What might I have done differently?"
"How could I have handled the situation differently in hindsight?" •" What have I learnt about myself?"
" How do I interact in a team?"
"How did I feel?"
"Why did I react the way I did?"
"How can I improve for next time?"
You will need to do a lot of research, There is a reading list provided as a starting point. Do you follow any of the theories? Have you got experiences now that show the theories are true? You do not need to be analyzing other team members actions. This is not a forum to blame everyone else! You should be looking inwards at yourself for answers and looking at your own reactions to the situations and how you could improve and grow. This is not a report so you don't need to follow report format. You can lay it out however you want to. It should mainly be about what you have learnt in PASBD but you could add in some personal experience if you wish. You will need proper SHU Harvard referencing and a bibliography. Leaflet attached. Don't be too descriptive about the detail of what happened, it is more about your analysis of why the things happened that did. Finally I have two examples from people who have done this assignment previously, one bad and one very good. Bad Example - approx 40%

"As a final year student, the reflection on team building or team working is difficult when you don't know the people you are working with. The first test is to communicate in various forms of communications which are needed to arrange times to meet and possibly exchange contact details at this stage so you know who, where and what a person looks like when it's time to meet. Personally when the first group was formed, the initial test was to email group members to...
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