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2.Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives3

2.1 Wipro Cares3

2.2 Wipro Applying Thought in Schools4

2.3 Mission10X5

2.4 ECO Eye5

3.Stake holders and CSR initiatives7





Wipro headquartered in Bangalore is one of India’s leading firms which was founded by Mr. M.H Premji. Its business can be categorized under three main headings:

• IT, BPO, R&D and Consulting Services: Wipro Technologies, Wipro Infotech

• Consumer and Institutional Products: Wipro Consumer Care and Lightning

• Infrastructure and Ecological Engineering: Wipro Infrastructure Engineering

Wipro as an organization recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and has taken several initiatives to benefit the stakeholders.

Wipro Model of Good Citizenship[1]


Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives[i]

2.1 Wipro Cares

Unlike mere philanthropy, this initiative channelizes the efforts of the employees and their friends to provide a long term benefit to the society. It focuses on two main areas – assisting in disaster management by providing rehabilitation to the survivors of natural calamities and initiating a learning enhancement program which would improve the skill set and self esteem of the underprivileged children ; thereby ensuring that they grow up to be independent. Under this scheme, Wipro launched five new projects in 2007-08 which was in addition to the eight ongoing projects. Some major ongoing projects are as follows:

|Tsunami relief initiatives which include reclamation of agricultural land, donation of boats to fishermen and construction of school | |buildings have been undertaken at Pushpavanam village, Tamil Nadu. | |Learning enhancement programmes which aim to broaden the horizon and increase awareness levels have been successfully implemented in | |several schools – Olcott Memorial School, Chennai, TVK School in Chennai and Government Secondary School, Bangalore. The success of | |these programs aptly demonstrates the benefit of sensitizing and involving employees in contributing to society. | |Wiproites in Kolkatta in association with an NGO provide health care services for families of brick kiln labour camp children. | |In association with Swadhar, an NGO, Wipro has helped set up community centres for marginalized families. A vocational course and a | |school are run by Swadhar from this centre. | |Makkala Jagriti is an after school safe home set up in Bangalore for around 200 children. |

2.2 Wipro Applying Thought in Schools

Wipro firmly believes that an educated India is the key to bring about societal change. This initiative is aimed at improving the quality of education with the long term focus being to develop systems which would allow each child to reach his potential. Projects aimed at educational reform have been undertaken with organizations such as Disha, Gurgaon and Katha, Delhi. Wipro has fostered relationships with many NGO’s. Wipro is also a member of the CII National Committee of Education Reforms.

Wipro Applying Thought In Schools[2]


The experiment based learning projects are of two types:

• Holistic School...
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