Wipro Technologies Europe

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Wipro Technologies Europe


In my opinion, the critical personal characteristics that WIPRO is looking for will make it easier in order to find the Indian context, this is because the type of people the company is looking for are people who have sufficient grasp of the abstract, tolerance for ambiguity, and the patience to be able to grow with them. This will make it easier for them because they just need to find people with this characteristics or if not just train them in order to act like that.

The company was also searching for people with Indian characteristics like the resilience, the ability to remain calm and the ability to deal with uncertainty. This means that they will have to prepare themselves in order something change. Also their sales person have to be really prepared technical, they have to be able to take first, second and third level calls by their own.

This type of people can be trained easily because the company already knows what are the requirements that the employees should have. The employees would be trained in order to be efficient to this requirements. Because the company want employees that behave like Indians, but they also want diversity in the workplace, the Europeans that are hired were send to India every three or four months in order to keep their training.

Also the company used the Six Sigma processes for his sales, this is a set of strategies, techniques, and tools for process improvement. This will help improve the operations of the company, also it will improve customer loyalty and thus improve the profits of the organization.


Some of the key steps that WIPRO has taken to enhance its effectiveness are on the first hand, the company tried to build cultural understanding among the Indian staff who worked on projects with the European clients. WIPRO coached the employees as much as they could before they even travel for their first time.

The company also build content based on feedback from those...
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